Today, I welcome the talented Joanna Ash, who blends Tarot, numerology and astrology to deliver insightful and accurate reports for her clients. Joanna is a very successful reader who has recently joined as a Biddy Tarot Endorsed Reader to share her gifts with the community.

In her guest post, Joanna shows us how she works with a multi-disciplinary approach to help her clients. I love her unique approach and I am sure you will too. Over to you, Joanna…

In the last few years, I had been voraciously garnering knowledge from many esoteric courses and along the way, I felt privileged to count several great Tarotists, Numerologists and Astrologers as my mentors. The best thing they taught me was not to be the best Tarotist, Numerologist and Astrologer, but to be a heart-centered intuitive advisor. I resolved to provide intuitive readings that combined the use of these multiple metaphysical disciplines within my readings. Through the years, as I grew my clientele and honed my skills as an intuitive reader, I realized that this practice of overlaying all 3 metaphysical disciplines within a single reading, had provided my clients and I with more depth in insights and advice. I never looked back since, and when I went professional as a reader, I had not read with just a single metaphysical discipline.

Here is an example of an intuitive reading done whereby I had used all 3 metaphysical disciplines to understand her situation better, and provide her with a more focused advice.

Question: How Can I Manage My Challenges At Work?


Shenice had just gotten a job at a bottling plant as a personnel officer and has worked there for the last 2 months. Her birthdate is 3 February 1960. Shenice interacted most with her boss, Mindy who was the personnel director of the company, and her colleague Gaurav who worked as a compensation and benefits officer there.

Numerological Highlights For Shenice

Shenice’s character, life path and destiny numbers are all 3. That meant that her character, attitudes, opportunities, lessons and purpose were all governed by the number 3. This presupposed the fact that she had an innate ability to be expressive and communicative. These were qualities much needed in a role that dealt with people. She was also fabulous at coming up with creative ideas to resolve issues at work. Freedom of thought and expression was important to Shenice, so she could not work in an environment that was highly restrictive or authoritative. She had talent in writing and speaking, so that explained Shenice’s ability to inspire the company’s staff whenever she conducted staff orientation program, team-bonding events or spoke at the staff quarterly lunches.

Shenice, typical of one governed by the number 3 in numerology often just wanted to be happy and enjoy bringing sunshine and joy to people around her. She treasured camaraderie with friends and work colleagues, and have a high propensity to be a social butterfly. This hinted to me that Shenice saw her “stuffy” work environment as an impediment to her ability to speak freely or express herself. Being highly social and having colleagues or a boss that could put a damper to her spirits may mean that she would then withdraw into herself. This is contradictory behavior for one governed by number 3.

Shenice’s heart desire’s number was a 7. Her soul urge was to be spiritual, and she engaged herself in deep thought and analysis whether it came to work issues or personal issues. It got even more interesting when I uncovered that her mental number was 7, which led her to always approach matters introspectively, withdrawing into herself when she was in the process of shaping perceptions about an issue. She could easily fall into a situation of being very pre-occupied about her thoughts, and was quite critical of herself as well as others. She overanalyzed the actions and words of people around her a lot, to the point that her response to or perception of her colleagues or her boss were based more on her attempts to “decipher” what their actions or words might mean. That caused her to be even more withdrawn in her work environment.

My advice for Shenice at that point was to be honest and open when communicating to her colleagues and her boss, instead of putting herself through the grief of deciphering every word and action from them. She would be required to harness the expressive and communicative strengths of the number 3, to balance the introspective and over-thinking qualities of the number 7.

Numerological Significance Of Shenice’s Surrounding Influences – The Colleague, Gaurav

Shenice’s colleague, Gaurav who worked in compensation and benefits,had a character number 6. He too was highly communicative and creative. He had a tendency to take on a lot of responsibilities on himself, even when not asked. Sometimes, he could be seen as being over-generous with his time and energy in his support of his fellow colleagues and his boss. Gaurav’s life path number was 2. That presupposed the fact that he might approach issues in a highly sensitive manner and was often driven by emotions when it came to decision making. When stressed, Gaurav could be very high-strung. However, as a person with a life path number 2, Gaurav was very good at bringing people together, supporting colleagues, driving a project with effective team-work. He could not deal with confrontations and would often strive to create peace and harmony in a team. So Shenice should harness these qualities in Gaurav by openly seeking help and support from him. When there are differences, Shenice should approach these differences through constructive discussions instead of being confrontational. Most importantly, she should get Gaurav involved in her projects instead of attempting to work in a silo manner. Gaurav would love the opportunity to help and support her.

Numerological Significance Of Shenice’s Surrounding Influences – The Boss, Mindy

Shenice’s boss, Mindy has a character number 3 so both Shenice and her boss should not have any problems getting along with each other. Honestly, people with character number 3 often liked to share fun chats and camaraderie with each other. His life path number however was a 4. That meant that he often wanted to be in control and demanded meticulousness. He planned everything to a T and could not take chaotic situations and would abhor being left in the dark. So Shenice should always allow him to take the lead, and let him feel that he was in control of the team, project or a situation. Shenice had to ensure that when she went to her boss with a problem, she had to be armed with a well thought through plan of resolution.

Astrological Highlights

I saw significance in Shenice’s astrological sign of Aquarius which was ruled by Uranus. Her significator Tarot card was the King of Swords. Aquarius people tend to be innovative, and valued freedom of thinking and expression. In fact, she would prefer to identify with a group or community of sorts. If she could not identify with a group, she migh withdraw into herself and feel isolated or unhappy. The Aquarius in her had the tendency to be a little more repressive which went against the grain of her highly expressive number 3. There was definite conflict there internally which she should learn to manage. The planet Uranus was often associated with revolutionary thought and logic. And it governed the King of Swords, her significator Tarot card. The King of Swords had a logical, clear-thinking, intelligent and emotionally detached personality which clashed with Shenice’s life path and destiny number of 3. People governed by the number 3 were expressive, communicative, child-like, and fun-loving. Shenice had to acknowledge some of these inherent conflicts within herself and resolve to play to her strengths and downplay her weaknesses when it came to managing her colleague and her boss at work.

Perspectives From The Tarot Cards

Situation – Strength Reversed

The reversed Strength card reflected a situation whereby Shenice felt victimized. She often questioned if she was doing the right thing for the company and even if she was in the right job. Her inner strength and courage was lacking at that time and she felt inadequate and vulnerable. However, Shenice needed to understand that her core strength of expression, communication and creativity as a person governed by number 3, was innate in her and should be used to manage the surrounding influences that were impacting her courage and confidence. She was advised to look to these strengths to rebuild her self-esteem and to stop engaging in self-doubt.

Obstacle – The Hermit

The Hermit cautioned Shenice from isolating herself from her colleagues too much just because she had perceived that they had differing opinions and were not willing to cooperate with her. By stepping back too much, her colleagues might see her as someone who was not a team-player. The Hermit often engaged in deep thinking. It was okay for Shenice to engage in deep thinking but she had to learn to combine that with constructive communication too so that she could start to engage the rest of the team in an opened and honest manner.

General Advice – King of Swords

Not surprisingly, the King showed up and was coincidentally her significator Tarot card. The King of Swords, governed by Aquarius/Uranus was a symbol of intellectual power and authority. He had the courage and intellect to accomplish anything he puts his mind to. Therefore the King asked Shenice to be objective in her views and perceptions about her colleagues and boss. She needed to use her intellect and logic more to prove her point and not use emotions to drive her decisions.

How Should Shenice Approach Gaurav? – 3 of Pentacles

Shenice should approach Gaurav with the pure intent of cooperating with him to deliver on the department’s goals. They both have their respective strengths which could be complementary. Both Shenice and Gaurav were creative and communicative people. Understanding that Gaurav could be a sensitive person, Shenice should take every opportunity to get him involved and garner his inputs or opinions before implementing a task or making a decision. Close discussions will help both of them work effectively.

How Should Shenice Approach Her Boss? – 10 of Cups

Both Shenice and her boss thankfully were quite similar in character. Shenice should build on that to enhance the connectedness between them by engaging her boss all the way from the start of any project. Communication was not a problem between them, but he needed to be in the know of everything, he needed to feel he had some semblance of control over every issue and he demanded meticulousness. To ensure that this relationship between her boss and Shenice enhanced her job fulfillment, Shenice would be required to always keep him in the loop, get him involved and always be structured with her plans when she shared them with him.

Lending Greater Depth To My Readings

I am happy to report that Shenice had not resigned from her job, and is still happily working in that same job, managing issues with a clearer understanding of her options. Now that she has recently crossed into her Personal Year 3, she can expect a lot more camaraderie amongst team, and the job will offer her even more opportunities to express her creativity. If managed well, she will find a lot of fulfillment in the company this year. I am so glad that I was part of her journey that had helped her make the right decision to stay within the company.

This is just one example of a client that I had helped by overlaying the use of Tarot, Numerology and Astrology with my intuition. I am so thankful for the opportunity to fulfill my soul purpose of supporting people through their life journeys in this way.


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