Kemetic Orthodoxy, or KO, is a main group within the Kemetic faith. Kemetic Orthodoxy is first of all nothing like Wicca. While Wicca has members that 'borrow' from other religions and use them in their practices Kemetic's don't borrow anything. I'm going to give you a run-down of the differences between Wicca and Kemeticism.

1: Wicca casts circles but Kemetic's don't.

2: Wiccans call quarters but Kemetic's don't.

3: Wiccans call upon elements but Kemetics don't.

4: About number 1. Wiccans believe in casting a circle to make a place sacred. Kemetics believe that a place is sacred just by it being used.

5: Wiccans use the Greek name for the Egyptian gods but Kemetics don't. They used the Kemetic name.

6: Aset and Isis are NOT the same goddess, don't let anyone fool you on that.

7: Each Kemetic have their own way of worshiping the divine but they are all under the leadership of the 'Pharaoh.' Kemetics outside a large group will do their own thing as well but they are not under the leadership of a 'pharaoh.'

8: Wiccans worship the Sabbaths and Esbats but Kemetics don't. They worship Egyptian Holidays.

9: Wiccans were robes, mostly black and sometimes white. Kemetics try and wear clothing that are Egyptian in origin.

10: Wiccans have cauldrons, athames, and chalices. Kemetics have none of these things.

11: Wiccans have the rede, Kemetics have Ma'at, which is the goddess of truth, justice, and order. Her feather decides if you shall be damned or shall go to the Field of Reeds.

12: Wiccans believe that all that practice will go to Summerland. Kemetics, though I don't know if all believe this, believe that your judged in the double hall of Ma'at. If your heart is heavier than the feather of truth you shall be devoured. If it's balanced then you shall receive reward.

13: Wiccans were pentacles to show others that their Wiccan, or witches, but Kemetics don't wear a pentacle. They were a Ankh or a Eye or Heru.

14: Wiccans have altars, Kemetics have shrines.

15: There are no witches in the Kemetic faith.

16: Wiccans, though not all, practice witchcraft. Kemetics have Heka, which isn't the same as witchcraft. Very little magic is done in Kemetic.

17: Wiccans just choose a magical name, though some may meditate, Kemetics have Parent Divination where their name is decided.

18: Wiccans, and I'm talking about solitary, have outer court material, Kemetics have none of that. They are part of a group and thus they have 'hidden and forbidden' information. Meaning that only those that are part of the house have this information.

19: While Wiccans borrow from the past Kemetics rely heavily on the past.

Well I hope this helped everyone out and Senut.

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It's actually a woman the Rev Tamara Siuda and you don't have to have a family background concerning a relationship with the gods. Just go on their website, sign you for their forum, by clicking forum on their main page, get to know some people, ask questions, and so forth. They even have beginners classes were you'll learn a lot more about the religion and group. Glad I could help.
I do hope that you succeed in your dream.

This explanation is an excellent point of entry for the initiate, or newly awakened mind.


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