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I believe in and worship the Goddess, in all of Her Faces, including Her Kemetic Facets.

I do not believe in gods (at least as divine, many know this already), but I do not deny their existence and I do honor some of them, though I still hold the goddesses of Egypt higher.

You may notice my profile image and if any are wondering what it is, it is the Tyet, also called the Knot of Isis, the Blood of Isis, and many more. It is an it comes with spell # 156 in the Book of Coming Forth By Day: "The blood of Isis, the magic of Isis, the power of Isis, are a protection unto me, the chief, and they crush that which I abhor (refering to that which hurts me)."

I have a few groups devoted to Egyptian goddesses, and for one of them I made a special Rosary of Isis.
I saw that one and it was interesting.

My name is Thalia Onyx and I am only 18... I consider myself to be a Tameran Wiccan with a couple of other ecclectic things thrown in... I love Egypt and everything that came from it... My partron God is Thoth and I consider myself to be his scribe... My matron Goddess is Isis but I also pay a special attention to Ma'at for her truthful protperties and her part in judgement :) 

Welcome and glad to have a young Egyptian pagan here. Thoth is such an interesting god and I'm planning on getting a statue of him in February. Glad you have found your path.

Hi everyone, My name is Kristen. I am 26 years old live in the state of Minnesota in the United States. I have been following the Neteru for about seven years now and have been studying Egyptian religion for almost 19 years now. 


Aset and Nebthet reached out to me in High School and I just assumed it was an over-active imagination. When I went to college, I learned that people didn't just study old religions, some still followed them. I decided to try it and I have never gone back nor regretted any actions I have taken. I have learned from books and experience. My main focus is to connect with other like-minded people. The area I live in seems lacking in individuals and groups who follow specifically the Neteru, so it makes it hard to have discussions sometimes with others.


I don't have a specific Neter or Netert, I have worked with at least 32 if not more.  When I say that, people have always given me the evil eye. My philosophy is: In a pantheon of thousands, 32 doesn't even scratch the surface. However, I am close with Nebthet, Ma'at, Ra, Shu, and Set. I seem to have a special connection to them. 


Feel free to message me, I am always willing to talk and am starved for conversation.

My real birth name was Adrian but I am known on PS as Amanda Mystical Deadblood and I live in the county of Hertfordshire in the UK. I made a promise to myself 45 years ago that I denied my own salvation to save other souls of past family members and friends. My family is descended from witches and royalty like James the first of Scotland and restore the families honor. It was during the day's of Matthew Hopkins who was known as the Witch Finder that some of ancestors were burnt at the stake.


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