Solitary Lammas Ritual


loaf of bread

The Chime is rung three times. Say:

“I come to this space in celebration
Within the Sacred Garden of the Gods.
The Sun God;
He gives forth light and the energy of life to all.
Through the Goddess and from the Goddess
All things grow and mature.
It is She who is the bearer of life and rebirth of the Harvest to
The land is full and must be tended.
Let me now share Her bounty.”

Break off a piece of bread and eat it.

Prepare a candle for lighting, saying:

“I must open myself to change.
To do so,
I must abandon my faults,
Refresh and vitalize the body and spirit,
And embrace growth as I prepare for what is to become;
For what the future holds,
Yet for me to grow it is necessary for a part of me to die.”

Light the candle, declare any faults you would like to be cleansed
of, and stick the candle in the ground before you. The Energy Circle
is raised and at its climax blow out the candle. After a moment of
meditation, say:

“Out of the death of this small part of me, life begins anew.”

The ritual is complete and the circle is released.

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I may want to use some of the poetry from this. What is the source of this ritual?


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