I was diagnosed w Bi - polar disorder when I was 13. I am almost 32 now, & I haven't been on meds 4 a few yrs. I've been on a # of diff meds, & most of them made me feel like I had no emotions at all. I think I mat need 2 b on meds again, but scared cause I don't want 2 b a guinna pig 4 the Dr. My manic & depressive sides R battling each other & I feel like I may b losin my mind!!! Input, advice, & help needed please!!! Thank You All

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What I pick up from what you write isn't necessarily a med y/n issue; it's a trust in your doctor issue. Some experimentation is necessary when going on meds, to get the maximum benefit with a minimum of side effects - but if your doctor is doing something that causes you not to have confidence in her/him, then you need to check around with several other doctors. Find one that you feel a good connection with, that has the same treatment goals that you do.

I only have ADD and Depression, but had a similar problem. My first doctor was only prescribing two meds (it was like he was married to them) and adjusting their relative levels. When I switched doctors, I gave the new one a list of all the dosage changes there had been. She didn't even take a close look - she just said "I wouldn't have prescribed either of these medications in the first place. They won't help you based on you're symptoms." That was a big breakthrough.

Good luck!
Your not looseing your mind you just need to train it different did you know that their are over 11 million people its estimated with this disorder. And most is caused by ones diet, believe it or not, the body has reactions to certain foods , and this is like loading it with posion. and we do this because of our world and the pushing of certain foods in todays world. I would advise to all of you change your eating habits! number one cause processed foods! did you know that wheat gluten is linked with most depression disorders? most who suffer is because of a inproper diet. to much FAT! slow thinking , fatigue, sluggishness, and even a down with the mind it caused one to dwell on whats wrong instead of what is right. this is depression, and a inproper diet will indeed do this its the bodys way of reacting to inbalance . If ai were all of you I would do away with wheat based products , I would add more fruits , veggies , soybeans , brown rice , eat only meats that contain essential fatty acids such as turkey, salmon, any kind of white fish, and above all avoid all these so called sweetners they are indeed a no no, even diet cola. no no . and above all avoid dark rooms! take your vitimans ! I gave recomendations to someone else on this line . Its not in your head its in your diet ! look and see what I said to her and do this for a month or two get the toxins out of the body and see how you fill if it doesent work then seek help , but Im sure it will , doctors dont cure , they keep you sick or keep you thinking your sick its the MONEY lol. now try this and keep me posted CHILD HEAL THY SELF! BB Fantumofthewinds
Thank you very much for your reply, I will definately take this in consideration & will get back 2 you...Venus
What I've been doing is talking with my family doctor and expressing the very concerns you have. Our motto now is: what's the lowest dose you can have? We went with that because I want to be able to feel sad when I'm supposed to be sad and feel happy when I'm supposed to be happy...just not extremely so. It's worked so far. It took a lot, and I mean a lot, of trial and error but we finally got the doses right.

So, I say get the meds, especially if you think so and work with your doctor until you find a dose that doesn't take away your emotions but also helps you control the highs and the lows.
My fiancee has Bi-polar and without his meds he is a real mess. He cycles constantly and can't control himself. He has a dual diagnosis of also having an addictive nature which has caused serious issues in our relationship (especially with trust issues). As I work in and early intervention mental health program I have a lot of patience and insight as to what he is going through at those times-but I can't be inside his head and help him with the random thoughts that pass through each minute! Each person is different however, bi-polar disorder, for most people, is a life long struggle. Medication is not the be all and end all, and you may want to look up sites on behavior modification therapy. Therapy/help groups and medication is the best change to keep this under control. Even with this most people will still experience up to 10 serious relapses. Stay on the medication for at least 3 months it takes time before you know if it will work as well as being able to figure out your correct doseage. Best wishes and hugs!
i am an extreme bipolar, ihave ADD, and i am dyslexic. i am on limotrigine for it and it has been very helpful for me it has very few side effects. the sde effects i experience are dizziness in hot weather and someitmes drowsiness. i have been on it 8 yrs and that is all the sideeffects i have had.
Ive been diagnosed as bi polar with psychotic tendencies and to be honest i am scared to stop taking my meds cause they really do help me i am also on limotrigine or however you spell it and it works for me just when i dont take it it feels like im gonna have a seizure. I am really uncontrolable without my meds, and it took a long time to find the right meds for me. I'd say get back on the meds and dont give up till you find something that works for you. I still feel emotions when i am on my meds but not as extreme. I still get manic phases but rarely. It's just something i have to deal with and i do my best to keep in control
Hi Trisha...I'm 48 and have been Bi-polar since I was 5 years old,I was not given medication until 1999 and it was a HORRIBLE experience for me. They gave me any old thing and I got worse,I lived in hell until this past Spring when a new Psychiatrist found the right combinations of medications. I now live a fairly decent life,I have to say there were times when the meds were worse than the illness,but there is always hope. You just may find the right combination of medicine like I did,please see someone don't suffer any longer. I know what it's like to feel like it's all coming apart,go get a doctor soon. Keep in touch I want to be of any help I can be.

I have bi-polar (among other things)  And I consider my meds a crucial part of my treatment and therapy.  To me when somone feels empty while on meds that means they should try something else.  Meds should help you feel like the person you want to be. 

I am currently taking






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