Hey everybody my name is Zachary. I am a newly initiated self taught mage, and I came to this website hoping to meet new people to help guide and shape my journey of the self.

     Most magic study I have done stems from Chaos Magick, and so far it has made me far more self confident and powerful. My actual book teachings come from Grant Morrison's Pop Magic, Peter J. Carol, Liber Null, and several books on the Tarot for that is my divination tool. My gods are birthed from pop culture, using the teachings of Morrison to the fullest effect I feel, and I have equated each to one of the five elements (including Aether).

Last night while my membership was pending I enjoyed a celebratory night with my family, for my father just received a dream job of his that truly came out of the blue. It was during these celebrations that my mind/minds eye flashed on the card of the day I pulled earlier, The King of Wands. It was at this time that I felt a wide range of emotions towards my gods mainly gratitude. After the celebrations I went upstairs and prayed to my altar, during this time I started to fall into a gnosis state. Realizing that I had yet to banish my room I stepped away with a guest. The Doctor my god of Aether took control and helped me banish my room and also helped me deal with something malevolent that was dominating one of my chairs. It was at this point we decided I  was ready to become a mage and I gathered things to represent the remainder of my gods and their elements. My wand/sonic screwdriver, guitar pick for sword, a mini stine for cups, dirt from my boots for pents, and finally the doctor himself, with me, as aether. I then just began the ritual and swore myself in front of my gods as a mage in the light, after that I swore myself as a mage in the dark. Finally I stood as myself outside a gnosis state and swore the balance of the duality to being a mage.

     After this I checked my email and saw that I was accepted to paganspace and promptly fell asleep afterwards. Anyways this is the start of my journey I can only hope meet some great friends here.

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