hello all

Im lawrence i am a new member to the site, i live in minnesota. through the years i have always felt lost for i was raised catholic but feel that path is no longer for me. i have a respect for nature and animals as well and see them all the same as you and me(humans). i have chosen the pagan path because it just feels right to me, just not sure where to go from here? would like to meet alot of people here who can give advice or any info.  any ideas on groups that would fit me?

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A warm welcome to you, Lawrence.  I am also fairly 'new' to this website, I wish you the best in seeking the path that is the right one for yourself. ~Blessed Be ~

mm encouraged lady and thank you

WELCOME! My daughter lives in Mankato! There are many groups,continual discussions and many topics in the discussion archives. You can post topics you feel relevent also.If yoiu need help navigating the site,I'm happy to help! Just let me know. We have a fun chat room too......

thank you Faerie queen!!! i appreciate that very much, what groups are you in right now? any opinon on a group or advice?

Please feel free to join my Large,Loud and very active social group here on P S FEISTY WITCHES! lots of great folk from many paths.....just pop on groups,we're easy to find


     Welcome, I came from a very similiar background.. Don't know a thing about these groups. But looking around at them...good luck on your travels.




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