I am New to Billings and I am looking for fellow pagans to meet and hopefully if we connect start or be invited to a coven. I have been studing paganism for a few years and practice in ritual for only a couple of years solitarily. I have studied Celtic Gods and Goddesses and some of the religous practices. I have also Studied Norse Mythology though have not found anything on the ritual or religous practices. I am all about tradition of the religous practice and ritual. I do not mind some changes as long as they are for the greater good of commecting with the Gods and Goddesses. I am interested in learning about the healing practice of herbalism. I have always been told that I have a gift of feeling what other feel and would live to intune to this gift to help people. I am interested in meeting those that are like minded as I in Celtis, Norse, Tradition, and building a stronger relationship with the Gods and Goddesses.

Please feel free to contact me with any infomation that you may be willing to share with me. Thank you and Blessed Be 

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