I've noticed the pagan community in my area is tiny(lost of curches though), I know it's there, I have a Wiccan cousin who told me the others are pretty much underground. There's an eccletctic coven I think, somewhere in Dunkirk and a coven dedicated to the Tuatha De Dannan may be in Westfield but I don't know how to approach, contact them, or even if the groups are still around.


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MM Sally!

I'm southwest from Albany, on the boaders of Schoharie County, Delaware County and Otsego County. Exactly where is Westfield....I believe I've seen the sign driving somewhere's but don't remember. With my better half a contractor we travel many places. Where we live we're pretty close to almost everywhere's so it feels (LOL). Is Westfield out towards Syracuse more???? Though I might possibly remember the sign on Route 20.
Let me know and knowing so many people I might possibly be able to help.
Westfield is on route 20 going towards Pennsylvania, pretty close to Penn actually, maybe 30 minutes-ish from Erie. PA. Not sure
I know the feeling,I've found a lot of pagans are on the down low. It's nice to meet you too
I'm in North Tonawanda, between Niagara Falls and Buffalo.
I've heard of it

Have you heard of Brushwood? It's a Pagan campground on private land in Sherman, NY. There is a festival this week and the next and camping all summer long. Check out their site brushwood.com.

I live in Corning


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