Which is your favorite and why?

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The Lady Cerridwen & The Lord Herne. As The Lady to me is the quintessencial Witch. Transforming herself and others though her magick.The Lord is one who is powerful in both being and purpose which is to empower all things to thrive and survive.
My favorite goddess is Artemis. I really feel connected to her. As you know, she's a lunar goddess as well as of child birth, virginity, the hills and the forest. And she protects and aids the forest animals. She's mostly seen using a bow and arrow. I just love everything about Artemis. She really cool.
feel a good connectin to Freyja. what is really wonderful is that i was looking for a cat goddess and i read through a few and then when i read her name i felt strong feelings for her! lilith is another one. but mainly freyja. god well i haven't found one. odin is the closest.
This depends upon my point in time in the life journey I think and what is going on at the moment. Most of the time, I see the Lady as Cerridwen and the Lord as Herne. Often, though, Hecate is close to me.
My god is Cromm, but I do not pray to him, he does not care, he does not listen
That sounds so familiar, yet I'm not familiar with this god............seems like I've heard that before....gotta look it up.
wait, I think I heard that from Conan. I'm still going to look it up

my favorite gods, Odin, Thor, Osiris, Ares/Mars and Mercury/Hermes. favorite goddess's Kali, Freya, Venus/Aphrodite, Gaia and any goddess associated with the moon like Selene. sorry couldnt pick one of each, lol

I love Artemis,  I feel a crazy connection with her.  I admire her strength and independence.  She doesn't take shit from anyone either lol

I am drawn to the Greek Pantheon. I have always loved Hermes since I was a kid. I love the intelligence, the speed, and I love every time he's portrayed in films. I wish I had a Caduceus just like him. 

I am also drawn to Athena. She's strong, and I feel safe and protected when I visualize her - armor falls onto my body. I also admire her because she doesn't use anger and action to fight her wars, she uses strategy and patience. 


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