First, middle and Last, my goal is not to bash, exterminate or eradicate Modern Astrology. I act merely as a portal to
the other side. That side being, "from whence it came". This study, as it is known, amongst those that are learning it in
the present day, is referred to as, The Tradition. My own history and development came from the Modern "version",
which I now hold to be predominantly, just another corrupted conglomeration by many (no, not all) intellectually vain men/women.

So to say/imply that Modern Astrology is "evil" etc.... or not worthy would be pure folly. It spawned my present spark and it fuels the fire within. It was integral to my path, however misguided I may view it, to this particular point in the Continuum. It is a choice, nonetheless. It doesn't have to be YOUR choice. I will respect your right to believe whatever you'd like and to do whatever "works" for you, for whatever reason(s).

Studying from whence it came, allows us to look objectively at the "Art". It allows one to arrive at informed opinions and not speak from ignorance. It allows for an emerging existence of a solid and strong foundation. Something upon which one can truly build. It is presented constantly with the thought/perspective that this is what God gave to man, by way of the Angels. That it (the study) is not for everyone, and it comes with a warning for it's misuse. Most secret Knowledge's and great Wisdom's bear these warnings.

Is it sometimes difficult to read/comprehend Old English? Yes. Does my lil pea brain hurt sometimes while tripping over all the Latin and Greek words,explanations and references? Yes. Do I still sit in Wonder after reading a particular sentence or brief passage that needs a day/week or month's fermentation in my mind before the desired elixir distills and renders it Wisdom and Truth? Yes, of course. I am constantly impressed with the style in which they wrote. Brevity in speech seemed to be a constant. Many things the ancients wrote about in one or two sentences would take most modern writers a page, chapter or even a whole book trying to explain the same concept!......with NO MORE clarity then the ancients did with their one or two sentences. Our times are as such. With the internet explosion of the past few years, information overload is abundant. The time has never been more ripe, to start eliminating the excesses and get back to what is useful and necessary. Things that don't waste time, effort, and space. Now, more than ever, we have need for things that are constant, reliable, and sustainable. Not whether this person experiences the Moon as Swiss cheese and that person experiences the Moon as Cheddar!

This Age of Political Correctness has contributed to the over-bloated effects of these times.Literature, Journalism, Science, Government, and Big Business, have expanded to allow for even the smallest their 15 minutes of fame. Hells, bells, even our waistlines have expanded! All necessary, I might add, for the multiple Jupiterian influences of the past 15-20 years. The torch however, has been passed. Guess who? Saturn....hehe. That lovable guy dressed in black!! One of his many jobs? Too eliminate the excesses/waste brought about by Jupiter. Jupiter can give us abundance, and with unfettered expansion produce waste and frivolous indulgences. Saturn, provides the structure necessary to Jupiter's form and makes it useful. In that structuring process, it limits/constricts things NOT needed. Things, that you, in reality don't need but love will nonetheless prove to be quite depressing/angering when they are ripped from your fingers by Saturn, so to speak. Saturn doesn't actually rip anything away from you. None of the Planets do. They are here to tell us what time it is. Just like that clock on the wall.

If you have taken a liking to Sun and Modern Astrology good for you. I'm not here to twist your arm, brow beat you, or convince you in ANY way to start looking into Traditional Astrology. The choice is yours, always. The choice I made to study the Tradition was based on many things. The lack of real clarity, along with political correctness, of the Modern version and "massaging your Moon" so that you might feel good, only to get caught in "Bad things happening to good people", led me to dig deeper and look for more than what is being offered en mass.

As a whole new understanding of what Astrology is, and is not, unfolds within my goal is to share and perhaps, pick up a traveling buddy or two along the road, called my journey.


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I like everything traditional simply because our ancestors were excellent in doing things of very deep metaphysical import with a minimal of effort or brain matter to bear. This is misconstrued as lazyness or ignorance. But in our day and age of info overload, such a skill becomes more relevant than ever. I have learned that the more complex your circumstances are, the more you must synthesize and simplify things just to get thru to the next stage.
Agreed. I think that in part, it's what some of the verbose delineations have in common. Sort of like a reverse engineering process sometimes. I believe it comes from our 20th century education of trying to break everything down into the infinitesimal to examine it and thus understand it.(Richard Tarnas does an excellent job explaining this in Cosmos and Psyche BTW) In so doing, we actually lose the essence of a thing. Something that they understood that we have lost over time with our love of simply giving everything a number and equating it's value to that number.
My research leads me to look at things with new eyes. I see qualitative values that numbers can not define. Most, if not all Traditional Astrology is presented this way. A not so solid example put to the modern scientist might be: If you have an equal amount of water and fire what will happen? We say that water puts out fire, right? What if they are cooperating though? And how do you quantify the quality of that cooperation? By knowing Planets, signs, houses and Aspects(angles) we can more easily, without writing a book get a clue to the outcome.
Essence is a fascinating topic when viewed thru the eyes of our ancients. They were pretty damn good at it. Since they had no electron microscopes, etc. Most of science today laughs and has our children believing that mankind stumbled drunk and was just lucky to get thru the last few thousand years until the past few decades.
Pericleez (or pericleez if you prefer a non-egoized variation), I like the way you think, but that is most probably because it is a reflection of the way i believe, which probably makes me a narcissist. (IMHO, for the rest of this post):

Classic (or "traditional") astrology (hereafter referred to simply as "astrology") was discovered over the course of 8,000 years. It has been chewed on, studied by countless millions of astrologers who had no TV or radio, no iPods or internet, and certainly no textbooks to study from. Astrology is the measure of the energy of Gaia, and the planets are indeed the hands of a giant clock, not "radiating some energy down on us like hailstones." I have been on this rant for years, and it is pleasant to meet an intelligent individual who shares my awareness of this simple, yet elusive fact.

When you look at the layout of the signs and the planets that were assigned to them, there is a balance, a series of patterns, even a poetic feel that translates directly into our modern understanding of psychology today. It is not astrology that is wrong, it is those "experts" too lazy to get inside astrology and understand it. It is far easier, and more ego-gratifying to memorize charts and labels and numbers, and all manner of formula that make one seem intelligent, but even the Buddha admonishes those of "learning and wisdom" that they haven't got a fucking clue as to what Buddhaood is all about. The same holds true for astrology.

You can study a grain of rice for years, but not know it's flavor, texture, or the mysterious way you can eat a bowl of it and suddenly be hungry 30 minutes later--if you don't put it in your mouth! I would drive the ancients insane with my verbosity, but I see their wisdom. Astrology makes sense and it is a living, breathing science that takes more than a computer to understand. Computers do the math for us, which is nice, but no computer can tell you that Aries is the instigative, antagonistic, masculine, openly aggressive and adventurous side of Mars--so designed because that energy is necessary to pull something from "no thing" and that it is the spark of manifestation, but that Scorpio is the feminine, reductive, constrictive, vengeful, protectorate that is Mars (think Roman Legionnaire in a dress and make-up---not a pretty sight) and then help you understand how those two planes of existence share and fight over energy.

You can't discover a planet, follow a rule (based now solely on tradition by those who scoff at the very notion of astrology--Saturn! Saturn! Saturn! Saturn in Virgo rules these idiots!) and five minutes later have some New-Age "expert" claim that because an asteroid or floating rock-ball in space was named Lilith, or Perseus, or "My pocket protector (penius) is bigger than your penius," that this suddenly invalidates 8,000 years of repetitious study, research, and practice by countless minds. Why not strip Jupiter of Sagittarius and gleefully hand it over to Centaur ("the half-asteroid/half-planet"--what the HELL does that mean?), just because the asteroid was named after a horsie?

And while we are at it, why not strip that loser Pluto--who is not even a planet anyway, of Scorpio and hand it to Eris, who is BIGGER than that runt Pluto--and, get this FURTHER from the sun! How can you represent Hades, the lord of the underworld if you are upstaged by some bitch with a golden apple?

In fact, after the discovery of Pluto, no one bothered to look for any "trans-Neptunian objects" for a long time. Hmm.. "Hey, don't look over here! It's just me. hey, look at me! I am the new cool kid on the block that fucks up your entire world-view!" Now that sounds like a Leo to me. Sorry sun, we have found a new ruler of Leo, but you were just a holding place for Earth really, when you think about it, because we used to think that you revolved around us! Ha! Weren't we dumb before we had the internet? But you know what mister sun? You can have Arachne, the "13th sun-sign" some astrologer is trying to discover and force into the lexicon, so their name will be cemented throughout history as a member of the "I am smarter than you!" club.

Trans-Staurnian "planets" (including the non-planet Pluto) are discovered as our awareness grows in ways religion has never allowed us to. Science digs deeper for truth as religion whips and maims those who labor for humanity. No sooner than we uncover a treasure than it is either broken, buried, or hauled off to the labyrinth of Vatican tunnels to be hidden away. Astrology has been burdened by superstition, half-knowledge, lies, and worst of all "popularity among unthinking masses" to simplify it to the punchline of a joke. Religion has demonized astrology to the point where it cannot be studied and discussed openly and intelligently, but instead is the domain of ego-starved crackpots who want to make a name for themselves, researchers, and those who have nothing better to go on than the modern texts on astrology--most of which are mere copies of copies of the same information. True discoveries are rare because it is easier and more profitable to write "pop-books" (like pop music).

I love research. I am "all about" new ideas. Hell, my moon is at the zero point of Crappycorn and Aquarius, Void of course naturally, and I am a goddamned Sag! I WANT new ideas, but don't hand me shit and try to convince me that you are a genius for not doing your research. Anyone who claims to have sole and secret knowledge of asteroids and dwarf planets had better back it up with iron-clad proof that everything that has gone on before is WRONG.

Or, let's try this:

Sun through Saturn. THAT is astrology. It is proven, it makes sense, and it covers "everything under the sun" if you bother to learn more than the basic formula you can find in any decent astro textbook. Trans-Saturnian objects, and asteroids FINE-TUNE understanding and NEED TO BE STUDIED, not automatically assigned a bailiwick and given auto-governance of areas of life one is too lazy to figure out by old-fashioned study and hard work. Stop looking for some easy way, or short cuts. look and see what is real and what works, and slllloooooowwwwly add to. Have we learned NOTHING from Taurus (patience)? Or Virgo (meticulous research, and reductionism in contrast to Gemini's frantic wild speculation and gibberish)? Or even Crappycorn? Saturn indeed reins in Jupiterian excess. Too much Jupiter is bad. Ever hear of diabetes? or Cancer? (the disease, not the crabby sign) Do I really need to spell it out how more of everything is not always a good thing? Yet there is this underlying belief that more and easier and faster and cheaper is a MUST because we are so much "smarter" than any generation before. Mind you, this was the thinking of Rome.

Research the new, but puh-lease, take time to KNOW astrology, like a lover, instead of just dashing off the basics and instantly heading off to name some asteroid after your ego.

I am available for argument between the hours of 3 and 5. I am available for intelligent discussion anytime.

Thanks for reading this rant. (I have a LOT more to say on the subject--but that will be in the new astro book, due out in 2010).


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