What kind of ouija board do you have?
A Parker Bros. version or perhaps something made a long time ago?
Perhaps you're like me and you use something simple made of cardboard and juice glasses...haha.

Anyways, what do you own or what do you find works best?

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These are mine..I made it...Havnt used them yet though....Maybe soon!

That is Nice! I like that. what do you use to move on the board with ?
I made a pointer out of stone....It might still be a little heavy...But kinda neet..with a magnifying class window...So so far I dont have anyting I am saticfied with...The stone is currently packed away, I need to find it s I can shave it down some more...I think I have a picture of it..I will see if I can find it and post it here
This is my pointer..Like I said, I think I need to do more work on it...

That's very pretty!
$50 is a bit much, but I bet people WOULD definitely buy those!
I have concidered making some for sale....But 50$...I don't know...maybe the one with the scull? but the other one took me a solid 3 months to do and the pointer a couple of weeks..I don't think I could let it got for 50$
I use a classic Parker Bros made in Salem back in the 70's .Judy you have alot of talent and think you could easily get more than $50 for one of your boards.I know those resin Tree of Life boards are around $80 ,throw one on Ebay and see what happens .

I bought and am waiting for a Vintage 1992* Parker Brothers Ouija Board,
which I only vaguely recall from my childhood,  figured it'd be a good one
for a beginning like me *(Also: the 90s rocked!).

It's supposedly in "excellent condition", I hope that's true.

I made this one recently with the woodburner and am working on another one with fancier writing and maybe more words and things. haven't quite gotten around to making my own planchettes. need to get over my fear of power tools, I guess.

I had a parker bros as a teenager, my friend borrowed it and never returned it though.


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