I'm just curious because I have no idea what I'm walking in to...

how many of you are "out" at work? Are you open about your practices and beliefs? if so, was it easy for you? how welcoming were your clients/employers? For those of you who are not, why? what risks are there to be out, and what risks are there to not be out?

thank you!

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I think it depends on where u work. Ultimately, I think someones faith has no place in the business. Meaning I don't want to see a jesus statue. Consequently, the same goes for more honest and colorful faiths. But ill say this, u shouldnt work anywhere where u are not embraced as who u are. Its not good for the soul. However, if u must hide it, make sure u have strong alliances of truth that take up as much of your focus, so u never get lost in their world or begin to think ur better becuz u fit into their bullshit.

really great advice. Thank you! I hope I'm lucky enough to be in a place where I can be myself. I've been lucky so far (it actually hasn't even come up, aside from casual conversation every once in a while) so maybe that's something I can hope for in my future. Thanks for taking the time out to reply!

I'm a therapist in California. While I'm currently not working I worked for a northern California county here for nearly 10 years. While there I was "out" as both lesbian and as a witch to my colleagues and boss. Since my job as a therapist was to focus on my clients and not on myself I rarely came out to clients, although I did not hide who I was. I wore my pagan jewlery and I kept an altar in my office where I saw clients and had both pagan and gay symbols displayed. I only had problems with one supervisor who identified as Christian. She was careful not to be obviously persecutive of me but she did target me once she found out about my spirituality and sexual orientation and simply nit-picked my work to death in an effort to get me fired. She had also done the same thing to every person of color we had working in the department.  I count myself lucky to have worked there since everyone else was very accepting. It was a very diverse community. 

I'm currently looking at moving back down to southern California where I'm originally from, which is completely different - VERY conservative to the point of it being dangerous for me as lesbian. If I do end up moving back down and working there I'll stay "under wraps" until I'm hired, then will live life as usual. No hiding. If any problems come up I'll be talking to an attorney. I'm too old to start playing hide-and-seek.

thanks for the reply and for sharing your experience! I'd LOVE to be in a place where I could have an altar at work. Wow! But I live in North Carolina, so I might not be so lucky.

Good luck in Southern California! I hope you find something wonderful.


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