Contradictory at first, as meditation and relaxation are sort of passive states. But…

I have been trying for years to force myself to sit down and silent my mind. Didn’t find it satisfactory. Then, I realized that I’m sitting down at my computer desk every day for many hours, and my mind-body-spirit want something different.

I started walking meditation. It’s powerful and I enjoy it immensely to the degree of ecstasy!

The tips are: you’ve got to walk alone on a distant of half an hour, at least (one hour is the best), focus your eyesight on the horizon, be aware of your body and surroundings, observe your thoughts or empty your mind.

Also, I have found a very useful advice from a carer of wolves, while visiting the zoo. He said, the wolves are always trotting after a meal…Aha! Thought I, here is the lesson, and started to have a 5, 10 minutes walk after my dinners.

Works great, especially for those who want to keep slim figure :)



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