Solstice Meditation in December

Solstice is a time for reflecting that all life on earth is cyclical. It is another opportunity to give your prayer and meditation life a regular cycle of its own.

By taking time to regularly reflect, meditate, seek guidance from the quiet within, we can work out many of the problems we face in the active part of our day.

To begin your meditation choose a quiet place reserved just for meditation; a corner of a room, even a closet can be converted to make space. Sit on a cushion or chair with your back held straight, hands folded in lap, eyes closed.

Take a few moments to read an uplifting writing, or say an affirmation for personal and world peace such as:

Personal peace, one by one
Grows into
A peaceful world home for everyone.

Begin even breathing: Counts 1, 2 breathe in; counts 3, 4 breathe out; counts 5, 6 breathe in; to 50 or another even number.

Stop counting and just continue to breathe evenly. Reflect on the day's events. Decide what to do about a situation that is unresolved. Re-evaluate your goals, if necessary.

Plan the next day's actions to harmonize with the best for all concerned, preserving personal peace of mind in the process.

Finish the meditation with prayers or affirmations for personal and world peace. Stand up and stretch.

Personal peace retained
Planetary peace more easily gained.

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