I am starting my letter writing campaign today. I will be writing to my local State Representative, Senator, Governor, and to the President. I live in Ga, those of you who are willing to join me in this please list your states that you live in below, or list your efforts if you have already made some strides towards achieving the grand task of religious recognition.

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Thank you Eirik, your reply was an excellent point to be made. I am very aware of the crisis surrounding our economy. I know that is the top priority. However, if the ground work is laid then when balance has been obtained we won't just be at the beginning of the journey we will already be known and the idea will have been introduced. Thanks again!
Good answer - getting things rolling while in the background tends to forge a strong foundation - time for trial and error.
Never worry that a legislative office will be "too busy" to address your issue, that's why people like me have a job. One thing I would like everyone to think about is what is your objective in contacting your legislator (legi).

Unless your legi is a fire-and-brimestone, born-again, burn the witches type, you will get a very pleasant letter that thanks you for your concerns, stresses how your legi supports the 1st Amendment and religious freedom, and encourages you to write again on legislative issues that concern you. You're letter/email/fax/or call will then be filed, electronically, in a constituent database and, depending on how you phrased your letter, it will be given a tag. If its a positive tag, don't be surprised if you receive correspondence asking for your support (and money) for the next election. If its a negative tag (some of which can be extremely offensive, depeding upon the office and legi) - you will get a polite, noncommittal letter sent to you (from now on) about any issue that you contact them on.

I know, that sounds harsh, but you have to understand that Congressional and Senate offices get literally thousands of pieces of correspondence each week - and only have so many staff to handle it. What you don't want to do is to get a negative tag on your file - so be politie, especially if you call your legi's office.

One thing that I HIGHLY recommend is to get on the Lady Liberty League mailing list and/or go to their website so that you can advocate for a pertinent issue of religious discrimination. Another would be to join your local inter-faith council (if one exists) and as many local groups and organizations that you have time and interest for. The point I am trying to make is that to be taken seriously, and ensure that your religious beliefs are taken serious, you need to present yourself as a serious, mature, competent individual. There is an old saying that "perception is reality" - we live and die by that in politics.

Again, please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have (or just post them here). I am more than happy to help (and I don't take offense easily!).

I was extremely cordial in my correspondence. I received a email letting me know that he received it and will be responding to me personally. I do have a few contacts and some friends on the inside(I did a little name dropping) (I have no shame) so maybe we might actually get somewhere in GA. That would be amazing. If we can get one state then the whole "If you build it they will come" mentality might be adopted by other states. The sad thing about it is so many states wait to see what the others are doing instead of stepping up to the plate themselves.
I received my response today and the great thing is that my governor actually explained in depth the process I needed to take to get a bill introduced. Getting it sponsored and brought to the house and so forth seems like a daunting task at first, however with the right attitude and a lot of patience it might just pay off.
I live in IN a (until recently) red christian state, I have recently discovered the amount of people that share our faith that live here thanks to Indy Pagan Pride Day...a gathering to basically do what this group is trying to, if I am able to go there this year I will be working to get others to write to our legi and try and end the persecution of pagans. To get us recognized as one of the religions of this country. I am (as many of you probably are) tired of being looked down upon or mocked for my beliefs. There are laws being made that are of christian morals.
Sorry, often the day to day gets in the way of the important things. As John Kay from Steppenwolf said "It's easy to do nothing when you're busy night and day".
I live in Anne Arundel County in Maryland. Do you have a "form" letter in mind so we all say the same things or is it better to embrace our individuality and pour our hearts out while maintaining the recognition theme? What do we all think?


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