Hey everyone, I noticed not many people have talked in this forum in a while! So HI!

I don't really have anything to say other than I am a WoW addict.
Hi my name is Loren, and I am addicted to WoW. XD


I am on Gorgonnash. I have a lot of toons, but my highest are:


Elonea lvl 85 Draenei Shaman - DPS currently working on getting her ilvl up.

Shiniigamii lvl 64 Night Elf Hunter - Still leveling her, so this level is subject to change!

Zelandrix lvl 63 Human Mage - Not leveling her much atm.


And then I have a whole bunch of others that are under level 50. I am one of those players who enjoys leveling all of the classes, and races, so I can find the perfect fit. =)


So tell me about yourself! And message me if you're on Gorgonnash, too!!!

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Well I'm here and just joined.. but yeah this group seems dead.

I just joined


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