I am watching Blizzcon 2009 on Pay Per View. They just announced the new expansion for WOW. CATACLYSM. Azeroth is going to be completely torn asunder. Two new races. Goblins for the Horde and the Worgen or the Alliance.
Flying in Azeroth. New profession - Archeology. Level cap to 85. Opening Uldum and redoing classic dungeons. Phasing tech will be used all over.

If there is any big news I will post it.

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I can't wait to roll a worgen period. they did announce later in day that changing from Human form to Worgen form won't lend you any special ability. You can change when ever you want, you will change automatically when you begin combat and return to human after. Cool thing about Worgen though is that you get a +15 to skinning called "Flayer" and you don't need a skinning knife, you will used your claws. Totally savage. Worgens also get the Death Knight possiblility where as the goblins don't.
According the a chart the goblins will have that ability. To see the changes and new race and class combinations here is the link http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/cataclysm/_images/features/raceclass...
Yea I heard later after I posted that Goblins were going to be able to have DKs.
I cant wait. But i must say i am more than a little upset that the alliance got the Worgen. I just might have to step to the dark side. maybe who knows maybe not LOL. But yeah i cant wait for it to come out.
As a lucky Beta tester I can say that the game is getting very interesting with the new changes and contents. Allies gonna love the new Stormwind (even with the Park destroyed) and Hordies gonna be crazy with the new Orgrimmar. That place looks awesome now (it's not a big cave anymore)......
I'm waiting on changing my 'lock over to another server & faction until Cata so I can have a Worgen Warlock... she'll be in the 60's by the time I get to Cata. I'll have to work on her rep so it'll transfer over to Gilneas.
Take a look at Stormwind's throne room....All Alliance leaders are there talking about the forthcomind disaster....


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