So tuesday (Oct. 11) the patch for Cataclysm will be out and downloaded causing server crashes and fanboys to cut themselves in despair everywhere! Also most (if not all) of the actual game play changes are occuring.  I'm not sure of most of the details only a few things like warrior's thunderclap now causes rend effect :D, shamans will be able to dual wield, and hunters will have "focus" instead of mana. 

I was wondering who's excited? scared? pissed? What gameplay changes do you all know of that will hit us soon?

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I have been messing around with Hunter rotations and getting used to the focus changes on the PTR for the last month or so. It will be nice to see the first changes and the start of the Deathwing attacks on the capital cities.
I run a DK and a hunter - I had to relearn how they both play with the tweaked talent trees and total boot ammo got. I decided to totally scrap my previous builds.

I had to redo my DK's entire interface so I could actually play, and I'm still having problems. ragglefraggle.
Changes are really great at least for my two 80 lvl characters a Druid and a Mage. Moonkins are fantastic now, cats are good in BGs (dual specced, Balance and Feral) and fire spec for Mages is yummy :P
Also the new 3D graphics made the enviroment looking brand new. Oh and I have to mention also reforging, I like that now we can change gear stats everytime we want.


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