Currently I'm in the process of setting up a guild Hordeside on Dentarg (US PVP - EST) It's a fair on population, enough Pk's for fun and space where you don't want to pull out your hair.

Guild name will be

However, what I'm truely looking for is those who want to play PvP side and enjoy PvE and PvP all the same. My goal is ultimately a tight group of people, active, and level eighty endgaming. However, that is not all, there will be no stamp on who can join the guild, raiding, well, you have to be eighty.

It will not be a pure pagan guild, but I'm extended my first invite to all of you who want fun.

I have the means to produce a ventrilo server and a website I will build for not only guild forums, but for walkthroughs, boss fights, and other various goodies that will attract a good mass of people.

If you want to reroll or transfer, that's awesome - tag isn't upyet until I have enough interested.

**Note - However, I'm not afraid to help run - but it is my priority that through the leveling process that guild members have decent blues from quests as you rise through the ranks. That's not to say I'm going to sit in a dungeon for hours on end, but I will do various runs to bring everyone up to par and deliver some sort of an edge that will smooth leveling and provide a more enjoyable sense of play.

I'm not opposed to helping with mounts either, tho - I'm not going to buy you everything. I'm keeping the Core on the feet, eventually people will have to level on their own - I will never stop helping; a good Leader demonstrated that s/he will take the time to help his or her mates.

As I build the Core of the guild, I will sit down for discussion of how guild policies will be handled and how a proper use of authority, leadership, and rule will be fairly used in the guild.

I don't want a guild to fall apart - I'm not a nazi either, I'm not opposed to ideas, member hosted events, and any other suggestions provided.

Paganspace - you're cordially invited. Looking for Cores, I think I know enough people here who I would trust to be core.


Contact me here or ig. Luthren UD DK lvl 7* on the Dentarg server

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I would totally join, but since I started playing again I've been on the Alliance side.

You still playing regularly, Brandon?


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