Hello, everyone, I am Valaataa 57 warrior, Aurumdraco 27 hunter, and Aurumdracoo 26 mage on the Hyjal server, alliance. I have not played since they dumped the specs, because I have no clue what I want to do with my points, especially the warrior. Looking for a quick kill spec instead of the tank and prot.

I am also looking for a good guild to join if anyone has one...


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I just specced full fury on my 69 warr after leveling prot i know they say that sux but i liked it titans grip rocks and i dont have no where near the down time i used to
i'm fury, it kind of sucks until 80. you get titan's grip at 60 which is win, but you take more damage none the less. for dps in dungeons its pretty good, pvp's not the best but i still like it
Fury. Deffo!


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