Does anyone need more cards? I have more than I need of Birthday, Thank You, Sympathy, Well Wishes and various non-pagan holiday cards.

I have widdled it down to about 700 over the years....but there is always more.

My mom used to work at American Greetings and the policy of the day was to scan the unsold cards (and other merch), douse it in bleach and toss it in the dumpster. She would instead do an "oops" with an empty bleach bottle and miss the dumpster and the stuff would land in her trunk. This was encouraged by her direct supervisor, who would do it as well. Unlike her supervisor, my mom never sold any of it at flea markets.. that was decades ago and she passed this stuff to me years ago. She has also given me all of the stuff that the various charities send her to get donations.

I also have dozens that were made by a local woman who gave them away on Freecycle. 

I also have postcards.

I am running out of space.

I am willing to send out random assortments to whomever wants some.

Thank you.


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<~~~~Postcard exchange lady........postcards preferred in "letter" form

What do you mean by letter form? I was planning to mail them out in a box.

I like postcards just as much as I like letters......sorry about the confusion

Yes I could use some cards.  I belong to two organizations and alot of times I am the sunshine girl that has to send all the get well cards, sympathy and such.  Let me know what the shipping will be and I will send that to you.

Thank you so much for doing this.  and some postcards too.

Blessings your way,



Okay, I'll let you know on Tuesday when I find a box to mail them in. Do you need any safflower seeds? I was given 10 lbs at a seed swap and I cannot plant them all.  I can fill a ziploc if you want them.

Am sorry for being overly late, but I did receive your "package" and I thank you for it too. One of my roommates loves the seeds.......and they thank you for them as well. LOVE the postcards too

I  know I'm late to the game but I was wondering if you still happened to have any cards still available? :)

okay. I just need an address so I can send you a selection.

That would be wonderful! Thank you :)

620 Pheasant Run
Burleson, TX 76028

Just getting back to writing so if you have any left i would much appreciate it. 

Candi Moon

Still have some.
I just need an address so I can mail them to you.


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