I am looking for penpals, my information and story are below.

Phoenix FireStar (aka KJ Deal)  
26213 Cumberland Church Road.  
Boonville, MO 65233  

I have moved several times over the last few years but am finally settling down due to being recently (within the last 6 mon.ths) widowed and homeless. I could use penpals and look forward to hearing from those of you who wish to write. I am currently living in a pagan community (sanctuary space) so can recieve pagan labeled mail and/or packages. If you wish to hear more of what brought me here please pm me. I lost everything I own when I became homeless.

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Does it matter what name I put on the envelope? Double checking

I'll write to you....I hope all is going well for now with you.....:)

Please note that this is not the same address that she posted for the Samhain Card exchange.


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