I am wanting to create recipe books and would like to find out what all the pen sisters think. The recipe book would consist of both mundane and wiccan recipes along with other recipes such as cat & dog food recipes, cat & dog treat recipes, lip balm, lotions, bath bombs, etc. 

  I did see where someone tried starting one and not sure why it never took off, but would like to find out what everyone thinks about the idea that I am wanting to do. The one thing that I would ask is if you would send a picture of yourself and a story about you and why you chose the recipes you did. Everyone at the end would get a book sent to them free. 


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I have a few that have have started but never finished.....it's one of many projects that I need to get done. I have one that is family recipes that come from my grandmother, one that is Wiccan recipes for the Sabbats and the other one are is for the recipes for my food allergies. I'm going to work on putting them all in the same book. 


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