I was wondering if I could somehow get a list of names and addresses for the Samhain card swap?! I am best reached on here or my email address (mandaroojas@rocketmail.com). I hope everyone is in good health and enjoying this beautiful Autumn weather! Goddess bless!



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I've never done anything like this before. How does one go about it? Do you send a card to everyone signed up? Do you have to make your card? The more info here, the better for me.

thanks jen for putting up my info.. love yah N
These card swaps are so fun! I do hope you will join. I'm a rubber stamper and scrapbooking gal, so I usually handmake my cards using rubber stamps, ink etc. but any card will do. You definately don't have to make the card yourself. I just love going to the post office and having a full box of goodies each day instead of all those depressing bills!
thank you so much for the info! i will most definitely keep a look out for a post from Forevrgoddess! and i <3 card swaps/penpalling, so i will most deff send everyone on my list a card! Goddess bless!
I don't want to sound rude or anything, but it sure would be nice if we could get this going now. I'm limited on $$$$ and would like to know how many to purchase in advance.
hey manda, i got your email.. man your quick ...lol
i'll be writing you a letter shortly .."kisses" :)
I'll be setting up the card swap shortly with info and such ...love N aka fg
Another older topic....how fun is this??? Who does send out Samhain cards still? I would but don't know who would send one in return.....I am up for it this year if anyone else is.

Oh I think a Samhain card swap would e awesome!!! I love to make cards. So how would you all suggest how we would do this?  Should we all write down our names and addresses that would be interested in doing this?  I think it would be so much fun to get a bunch of cards in.  I used to belong to  a monthly card swap and I really miss it. We would make about 20 cards each. And each of us would do our own design on each card we make and then meet at someones home and we all would share the cards and we would go home with 20 different cards. It was awesome. I think it would be fun if we did an actual monthly card swap what do you think?  And we can start it off in October for Samhain. And each month have a theme.

So let me know and I will start a page where everyone that would like to do this put their addresses.

I'm in on this

Michelle "Sstarfyre" Harris

2875 W Ray Road

Suite #6, Box 108

Chandler, AZ 85224

Sorry you will have to put your addresses in here... blessings..

My name and address is:

KJ Deal

215 Genesee St, Apt E36

Auburn, NY 13021


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