I thought it would be fun if we started a stationary exchange. We have so many crafty sisters in the group that it will be fun to make and receive stationary. It is like a kitchen towel exchange but this is stationary.


1.  Once you have joined you MUST send out a stationary packet out to the sister's who name is picked monthly.

2.  There must be atleast 9 pieces of decorated paper and 3 envelopes.

3.  Must be mailed out by the 10th of each month.

4.  If by any chance you cannot send out stationary for one month please let me know so I can send it out for you.

5.  The stationary can be bought or made it is up to you.

Please add your name and addresses to the comments and I will start a book for the club.  Once we have ten sisters names we will start the exchange.

Yes, others can join as we go that is fine.

What you can do to make it easy is make enough for a couple of months at one time so you will have them ready.  I will most likely make enough for a year.  Then all I have to do is mail them out.

I hope that we can start this in April so start adding your names and addresses oh yes make sure you let people know that pagan markings are ok, or not ok on the envelopes.

Lets have fun with this.

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Patti Wiser

Po Box 1093

Priest River, ID.


Pagan markings are welcome.

Alisha Getzfreid or Tala

746 Rd 9 

Powell Wy 82435

Do you have to have hand drawn stationary pages or can you have printed stationary pages that someone can color? If that is ok I would like to sign up. 


    Wendy Thornton

    Po Box 338

    Hardy, Ar 72542

The stationary can be whatever you would like to do.  so it is pretty open.  We need about seven more people. Yea!!!


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