Yule Memories

Please share your Yule or Christmas memories here and let your feelings out.  It helps healing when we do that and we can all reach out to one another.  We all hold good and bad memories.. Let us share and help heal.

love and light your way,




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Comment by shadowdance on February 10, 2017 at 2:12pm

I remember one year when my daughter and her husband owned the house we are in and we had Christmas the year my dad and first husband died. And we had orbs all over the place especially by the children. And we went up to Priest lake and there was a huge orb over my head in a picture. It was awesome. I really miss my dad and my ex. I still cry.

Comment by shadowdance on December 1, 2014 at 4:52pm

I remember my grand parents hung a belt on the door with huge bells on it.. And we would have to wait to hear them jingle to know that Santa was there.  And one time my brothers distracted me by having me look out the window for rudolphs nose in the sky.. And they would point out a star and they would say.. "Do you see it?" and of course I would say "yes" and while they were doing that my parents and grand parents were putting gifts under the tree., and when they were ready my brothers would ask me if I heard walking on the roof and stuff and then my grandfather would ring the bell and I would go running and I would see all of the gifts that Santa just left.

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