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The fact that this is in Spanish makes it ULTIMATE!

Weird Science

Weird Science

Real Genius

Blue Man Group

MC Hawings - E=MC2
Or what I call Einstein Rap

She Blinded me with Science ~ Thomas Dolby

Moby - "We Are All Made Of Stars" music video

("Stars" in order of appearance):
0:10 Moby
0:27 Kato Kaelin
0:44 Verne Troyer
0:51 Corey Feldman
0:59 Todd Bridges & Gary Coleman
1:13 J.C. Chasez
1:17 Dave Navarro
1:25 Sean Bean
1:31 Dominique Swain
1:52 Ron Jeremy
1:57 Thora Birch
2:04 Tommy Lee
2:10 Molly Sims
2:19 Angelyne
2:27 The Toxic Avenger
3:13 Robert Evans
in actuality, since matter cannot be made from nothing and everything that exists now existed when the universe began. we are all made of star dust
i have learned to embrace my inner nerd and use it as a way to amaze and sometimes stupify
Me, too. Although a lot of people seem surprised to find that there is a little witchy nerd running around. lol!


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