Fractal art is an algorithmic approach for producing Computer-generated art using fractal mathematics. Traditionally, fractals fall into three broad categories relevant to fractal art:

Those for which membership of a point in a fractal set may be determined by iterative application of a simple function. An example of this type is the Mandelbrot set and the Lyapunov fractal.

Those for which a geometric replacement rule exists. Examples include Cantor dust, the Sierpinski gasket, the Menger sponge and the Koch snowflake.

Those which are generated by stochastic rather than deterministic processes (examples include fractal landscapes). [Wikipedia]

TRANSLATION: Art based upon mathematical computations.

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I don't think you really have to "get" the mathematical aspects in fractal, just enjoy the expressions that result. Similar to appreciating the attempts of qp to approach what we already know as truths in the Craft.

For example, we have always known there was a moon eventhough we did not have a scientific definition regarding what it was, eh?

Brightest of Blessings!


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