Yesterday I went to a gathering of pagan minded individuals.  The group I am with did a ritual open to the public, our first one of this kind.  The rain made us think on our feet but we found a covered area and did the ritual as best we could.  The ritual was about the goddess awakening and her lover, the god returning to her.


My question is reguarding the ritual I attended after ours.  A group of Druids held a ritual and you were asked to offer an offering to your patrons, gods, goddesses, kindred or ancestors.  I made an offering of corn bread to Odin, Thor and Baldur.  The reason why is that I feel there is a counterpart to the triple goddess.  She has three phases, Maiden Mother and Crone.  I have tried to find information on a triple God, but can find nothing.  So I came up with the trinity above.  The All-Father, one who has sacraficed himself for his knowledge and power.  Thor, the protector of the Aesir, the one who stands against the chaos that seeks to end the worlds.  Finally there is Baldur, at first I was reluctant to add him, but somehow I was called to him. 


Looking at Baldur I thought he was too soft handed, too common.  But as I looked into history and wha Baldur stood for, the light, that which is needed by all to live.  He was the one who seemed to care for the home and hearth, phsycially.  His purpose is to make sure there is something to return to, to protect it and guide it. 


I find this male trinity to be something that fits for me.  The wise one, the warrior and the providor.  I just wonder if any other men out there have been drawn to this and what the women think of a male trinity.

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Havareth I can help you with the triple god for norse but give me a day I have to do some research in my book..I cant exactly remember where I found it.
That would be greatly appreciated Victoria.  I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.

Havareth I couldnt find the info but what you stated about odin, thor, and baulder I think may be right...I remember reading it somewhere but I just cant remember where.  I do know the female triple goddess though if you do have questions on that.

I got some advice on that triple god aspect and inside of baulder it might be Frey.

That sounds interesting, could you eplain the reasoning for me?  Also, what Goddesses do you feel fits the three phases?


What book is it you are reading, I might be interested in picking it up.

well the book I was reading that I thought the information would be in is Goddess of the North: a comprehensive exploration  of the norse godesses from antiquity to modern age by lynda c. welch.  I have always though of the triple goddess aspect that would apply to norse pathenon would be Idunn, Freya, and Skadi or Hela.  I am unsure on the male aspect and cant give you a reason why they said frey instead of baulder.  I might have a triple goddess symbol tattooed on me but mine represents the moon faises and how my wolf is attached to it. 
"Triple" god~ Odhinn-Vili-Ve...Odin-Hoener-Lodhur, We could go into it much more, but these are accurate examples of Odin in triple form.   

very true

If I remember correctly, Odin, Villi and Ve were brothers.  Villi and Ve went there own ways and little to nothing is known by me of what became of them.  Hoener and Lodhur I have never heard of.  If you could expound on them I would appreciate it.

from the union of the proto_god Borr and the etin wife Bestla, the divine triad Odhinn-Vili-Ve was born..also named Odhinn,Hoener and Lodhur.Voluspa stanzas 17-18 in the Poetic Edda. There are many accounts through the Eddas (Elder & Younger ) to colaborate this triad (tripartate). Odin had many names (more than a hundred)..Odhinn gave ond (spirit,the breath of life), Vili gave odhr (inspired mental activity), and Ve gave form, speech and essentially he and his "brothers" are one


If I were to "look" to a triple form goddess, It would probably be Freyja in her many forms, although in my workings I acknowledge a certain god or goddess which rules the matter of subject or question...I often (more often than not) call on Urdhr, Verdhandi and Skuld as well.



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