Is this a future event like the end times in revelations? please i want to learn

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It depends upon who you're reading.  In a manner of speaking, it's already occurred long ago, because the advent and spread of Christianity spelled the end of the German/Norse Gods and Goddesses as they were known.

But now in this New Age when the old Gods and Goddesses are being rediscovered and worshiped, again, it's anybody's guess.

You others, what do you think?

so basically thor and odin could still be alive? i am truly interested, and thank you for you insight Shadowdancer

My view is that they never really died, they just received no more worship/energy from people, so they slept.  But now, thanks to Asatru and groups like The Troth, they are receiving worship-energy, so they are waking up.

have you personally seen or heard from them? i am german 50% is my heritage have always been interested thor is amazing...but odin reminds me of agree?

Odin is the Allfather.  He has some characteristics in common with Yahweh, but has sex, while Yahweh is commonly referred to as being celibate.  You'll get further if you forget all about Judeo-Christian comparisons, and greet the Germanic Deities on Their own terms. 

you have been a big help to me Shadowdancer!!! i have been wanting to discover more of my roots on the germanic side Thor to me is Great!! a great warrior, i was raised christian but never really felt it thor speaks to me in a personal sense...i was told the Germanic tribes worshipped demons...but dont believe it

Jesoids call all the Pagan Gods and Goddesses demons.  They can't stand any competition.  If you have had personal experiences with Thor, then go for it, He's your patron.  Build an altar to Him, do research as to His likes and dislikes.  My patroness is Freyja (that's the Norse spelling).   

are there any books/texts the christians havent fooled with? are there text with the actual knowledge instead of christian monks making things up?


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