I was asked in an online discussion board not to long ago, 'Do the gods want us to suffer?'  My response was yes, and no.  I got some flack from others for that answer before I even had a chance to go further into why.  I told of Freya having to give herself to the Dwarves to get her amber necklace, of Odin hanging and bleeding from the tree for days on end to learn the power of the runes.  The fact that the Norse deities are constantly fighting against chaos, trying to instill order in a chaotic world, there will always be strife and struggle and suffering.  It is part of their lives and part of ours.  It is not what is happening to you that matters to the gods and goddesses, it is how you are dealing with it.  


This answer did not ring well with most of those in the discussion group and they said I brought too much from my former christian belief to the group.  I asked if any of the others had been on the path they are now religiously from their childhood to now, and no one said that they had been.  I just wonder if I gave a valid answer or if there was a better answer.  Please let me know your thoughts.

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