This is Saint Ioleksa and I'm gonna share to you all secrets of The Saint of The Waning Gibbous.



From the name itself, a cacophony ward is a small staff of large wand that makes a rattling noise when you shake it. It is very effective when chasing away ghosts and other supernatural entities. It can be rattled in your room to scare off ghost and spirits our you carry it with you on hike and rattle it occasionally to scare off curses and maledicts. It's called a cacophony ward because in the physical plain it does not make a lot of noise, but in the spiritual plane, it produces a very loud rattling noise that interferes with an entities wavelengths. For the material you'll need:

Consecrated wand wood (of any length)

Bronze or silver bracelet

Carving tools

2 active barrier glyphs

1 active personal glyph

Making and Consecrating

Carve two adjacent holes on your wood. Fit your bracelet through the holes. If your bracelet is not separated at the ends, buy one, for a whole bracelet loses power if you snap it.

Affix the bracelet on the holes. Carve in 2 active barrier glyphs, front and back and on the very tip of the ward, carve an eye. Just above the eye, carve your own glyph.

Consecrate it just like any magickal apparatus. Apply oil and let it rest for 60 days. After, take it to a natural water source and dip it to cleanse and finally consecrate it.

Using the Ward

Rattling it in a way so that the bracelet hits the front and back takes practice. Moving the end tip forwards and backwards while holding the ward closer to the midsection helps.

NOTE: If you do not know what an active barrier glyph is; i attached a file below.

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