Encounters with the hatmanare not new! He has been active according to tradition for the last 8000 years! TradiGuide to their special portion of the astral plane after death by following a guide with an tionobvious sign of the covenant on his person.

The Hatman was therefore originaly the special Guide of Souls for Witches.

We can move beyond Tradition however and find suport for part of the tradition when we examine some ancient sources.

The earliest depiction of the Hat Man that I know of dates back to about 600 BCE! Thus this image is about 2600 years old. The Image Goes back to the earliest Celtic says that the figure of the Hat man dates back to the time of the ancient witches covenant with the "Powers that Be" one of whose provisions was that both men and women should cover their hair.

This is not however a discussion of the covenant and Imention it only in so far as it applies to the Hat man. Tradition also says that the God who was the Guide of souls at the time of the covenent covered his hair so that those who were faithfull to the covenant could find the right portion of the astral plane after death by following the guide with the obvious sign of the covenant on his person. Thus the Hat Man Started of as the special after death guide for witches!

The Tradition can be supported from the ancient sources.The earliest depiction of the Hat Man that I know of is from the early Celtic culture of Halstadt dating from about 600 BCE thus making it about 2600 years old!

In the case I am discussing the Hat Man is wearing a conical Hat and his arms are held in a specific posture used by shamans for visiting the world of the dead. (Readers interested in the image and its uses will find it in Where the Spirits ride the Wind by Felicitas Goodman and also in Ecstatic Body Postures by Belinda Gore).

In the Celtic burial customs of the time the dead were buried with conical  birch bark hats as a sign of the covenant. This custom is commemorated in the folk song The wife of Ushers Well.

In Norse Mythology the God Odin is a Guide of souls and is also depicted with a Broad Brimmed Hat! His Ancient Greek Equivalent Hermes is also depicted with a helmet!

Hermes is also (as is Odin) a psycopomp (Guide of Souls). We find the same  tradition in voodoo where the God Baron S... Who is also a soul guide also wears a top hat. The form of the hat may vary but the Hat Man Is always a psycopomp!

In my Next post I will explain the Hat Man's current mission and behavior. Here I merely wished to provide a brief glimpse of His History.

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