Within the community, we all have different concerns and aspects regarding our feeding. Be that as they may, we still have governing rules to live by that do not allow us to commit crimes. However, there is also the matter of whom to feed from and whom not to feed from. I personally view that certain individuals should be off limits so to say because they need their energy reserves for growth and development or battling sicknesses as well as other reasons that it would be harmful to purposefully feed off of them. In this listing, I would like to mention some types of individuals that I personally find it unethical to feed from including but not limited to the elderly, pregnant women, the mentally ill, cancer patients, those currently sick in any way or form (which can sometimes pass that sickness onto the vampiric feeder), and children. However, I have no qualms with feeding off of ambient energy left behind, but to take directly from these individuals, even if you feel you are helping them, may be damaging to their health and development. 

Elderly individuals, unless they are lucky, have lower energy levels than those of youth. Constantly, our elderly citizens are deteriorating in health and vitality while battling off many more diseases due to that effect.

The mental health population has their own issues that several may need their own energy for recovery, so that in taking from them, it may be damaging to their ability to get a grip on reality among other things.

It should be a given to not feed off of the sick, not just for their health but the vampire's.

Pregnant women, and to those not of common sense, are currently more than one person. They may seem that they have more energy to offer but that is because they have a growing baby inside of them.

This leads me to discuss children, who do have outputs of high amounts of energy. I'm sure this may appear to be a tasty snack and a good boost for the vampiric individual, but regarding ethics and feeding, I personally feel that it is dangerous to their health and well being during a delicate stage of growing and maturing in their lives. I view that they need this extra energy, and to take of it deprives them of so much more than the energy, but the ability to learn and grow. Children also are always easily catching colds and the flu from other children on the playground, and they have a lot to combat in needing their high energy levels to compensate for the lack of antibodies that older individuals possess. Also, I would like to mention parents. For one, don't give parents a reason to hate us by attacking their children. Do not underestimate the power and intuition of a mother, who cares deeply for their children while not wanting any harm to ever come to them. Several parents entrust their children to others, and in that, they hope that they do not have to worry about the multitude of predators out there who could harm their children. I hope that we as vampires can have a heart when being predators, and not attack those who need their energies for a healthy existence. We deserve to be healthy. It is not a right or a privilege, but a necessity for most of us in acquiring our needs. Please do not take advantage of our nature and prey on those that are weaker than us, who cannot fight back, especially concerning those mentioned above.

I also believe it is not nice to feed on those of our kind because they, like other vampiric individuals, have such low energy levels to find stability for everyday the same as you. You are entitled to your own beliefs on ethics, but I ask of you not to give other vampires a bad name in maintaining your own energy levels from those that need their energy just as much or more than you do.

Please share your own thoughts and concerns regarding your personal ethics on feeding so that we may discuss this in a mature manner.

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