Crows Magick Tarot


Publisher: U.S. Games

isbn: 1-57281-068-8


Quite the interesting deck and a new acquire for myself . This is very obviously a masculine deck upon looking through the cards . It have very mater of fact art work that to me is very self explanatory . Not all the images are crows but most images are birds . The deck contains the standard 78 cards with no deviation to the high arcane , though I do prefer pentacles to coins it is still a very acceptable format .


A very nice deck over all . All the cards have a two word "cheater" description to aid in the meanings of the cards .



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I thought it would appeal.
I too have this deck.  I must have a strong masculine side because it appeals to me.  Your review makes me want to take it wout and work with it again.  Well done!  On one of the cards, it has the panther, which is one of my power animals.
Greetings to all! I have never seen this deck, very interesting...Thanks for the posting, Blessings, Ianna:)


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