Here is a place you can share pictures, and/ or videos, of your recent or past projects. Don't feel shy about telling us about details like how long it took you to make your item, what materials you used, and what was your objective.

For example:

I wanted to make a leather bag that I could carry on my bealt and that attached to my leg. I used 6 oz. black leather, straps, three buckles, one clasp, two D rings, four chicago screws, a leather hole punch, leather string, and thread. This project took my five hours to make but only cost me $15 in materials (serious bargain hunting!). This entire project was made from leather scraps. Here was the result:

 I was also online and looking at the different leather corsets people have made and thought....I should try that. So I went to my favorite store and bought scrap leather (for $6.00 a pound) and designed how to make my own. The measuring was the most difficult part since I was designing this corset from scratch. I didn't want thick leather (I live in a desert) so I bought 4-5 oz. leather. I had to get leather cording (50 cents a yard), and four buckles. It took me four hours to get everything cut, holes punched, and everything measured correctly. Lots of work but worth every minute. Check it out...

 I had some leftover leather in a drawer and thought about what I could use it for. I did some research and decided to make a large leather pouch and a bracer. The pouch is made of thick leather with a nice small patterned grain. It's about 7 in. long and 5-6 inches across so it can hold many small items. The bracer is a nice soft dark green 5 oz. leather with half yard of leather cording. I decided not to punch a pattern on it since I didn't want the leather to grow weak.

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Thank you! Yeah, we are slowly seeing the 90+ degree weather here in the southwest.

Wow ! Me  I just made this scarf!

I am not the best at sewing yet!  I love what you made wow!


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