Do you have soemthing planned that you really want to get do, but put it off? Is there a big project you end up dreaming about accomplishing someday?

Well......tell us! :) or at least give us an idea what it is.


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I would like to learn how to make leather armor. Sounds complicated and expensive but here are some examples of work that has been done by others.

Someday... I want to make/obtain/acquire/build a tradiaional Plains Indian Tipi; double-walled, large size, 18' diameter, and camp in it.  I also would like to construct a traditional Mongolian Yurt, making the felt walls myself.

Hello Rhiannon McBride!

That sounds like a cool idea. Please tell us more since that sounds like a fun way to camp. I have slept in a large Tipi and I think the walls were made with a canvas? Can't remember. what type of wood are you thinking of for the tipi poles?

How would someone start with building a yurt? It sounds complicated but maybe not.

First of all, not this year, haha.  Maybe next year.  We would probably use poplar saplings, we have a jillion of them in our woods.  They grow up like thick whiskers on old logged-off sections.  There's a lot of cedar, too.  Back in the day, I read about the Plains Tipi in the Whole Earth Catalog; there were places one could purchase the canvas.  I've been inside canvas Tipis twice, loved the atmosphere.  The original Tipis were made of buffalo hide.

Wow! Thank you for telling us more. Poplar is a very nice tree. Thank you for telling us about the catalog.

The Mongolian Yurt would be a huge project; perhaps some time in the future.

my dream project (if I can get the hubster to quit enterfering) is a meditiation garden with a labrynth... Problem is he has interfered so much it has become  his project and no longer my garden! I was hoping to put a small water feature using petrefied rock, with a small circular stream style pond around the meditation area, a small foot bridge leading to it and the laberynth in the center with a place to sit and relax... IF I can ever get hubby to leave it alone and let me do it, I will be extatic and will take pix of it and post them. Currently the project is on hold...

This sounds like a beautiful idea! I hope you come to a resolution with your husband.

Are you doing a traditional japanese style garden, an english garden, or something else?

Please show us some pictures, when you can, of your garden!

I was hoping for more than just an english garden. Right now we are "winterizing" the place, got new siding new windows etc. (USDA GRANT!) If it turns out I am hoping for a veggie, herb garden in back with an english garden in front. We'll have to see... Also looking into goats for dairy production/articen cheeses. Wanted highland cattle but looks like that's a no go for the same reason as the garden!

We'll see...

Goats are great. Thing is with getting cheese is it takes a lot of milk to make cheese and it's work.


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