I'm a seeker, and I want to start my book of Shadows but I feel a bit overwhelmed by the info, Where do I start? Do I put in everthing I read? do I have sections for, Herbs, crystals, spels? Or do I make a book of each? What must this book look like? How many pages? I know it must be hand written but I use the info I have found? do I make up my own? LOL do I even make sence now?

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I have a beautiful BOS and it too has a section in it for EVERYthing. I filled it in as I felt the need with what I felt the strongest about....just a suggestion. I know it can be overwhelming....if you need any assistance, let me know, I would be honoured to help....
Blessed Be,
Greetings Wizardrylmaster! I was really with you in your first paragraph and agreed! I kind of lost you towards the end...I'd love for you to say a little more about 'what gives it a reason to exist' and 'but what will it be if you made it all up....and the 'grander question'....let me in on this so that I can understand...Blessings, Ianna
If you have so many mixed feelings about what your book should contain, maybe you should start a computer BOS. That way you can copy and paste information you find, and type out what you want to say, and what sections you think it should have. Then when you find you're more organised, you can start writing. It doesn't have to be hand written. I know witches who have "discs of shadows" for their computer, and they are just fine with it. I also know witches who have typed out their book, and then printed the pages. It can be overwhelming in the beginning, so I'll give you a list of what you can find in some books, and you can pick and choose what you like, or add onto it. First though you need to think about what kind of book you want. Is it going to be a personal book that only you will ever look at? If so, a journal section would be appropriate, where you can write your thoughts and feelings as you are learning your desired path, although it's not mandatory. Do you want to share this book with covenmates/friends/family...etc? If so you need to think about what you'd be comfortable in sharing with other people. If you go that route and still want to write a journal, you can always have more then one book. Some people have a book for spells and rituals, a book for personal thoughts, a dream journal, and a book for everything else... the possibilities are endless.

ok, so some things a book can contain:
-glossary of terms
-history of witchcraft
-branches of witchcraft
-dedication/initiation ritual
-Creating an alter/sacred space
-Tools of the craft
-Correspondences (ie. information on the meaning of colours, days of the week, planets, etc.)
-The Sabbats
-Moon phases
-Divination (scrying, tarot, runes etc.)
-Rituals (maybe add casting and closing a circle if you're wiccan here)
-Spells (maybe have a section for each type of spell)
-Books/websites of interest

So I hope this helps to give you some ideas. The point is, that this is a very personal thing. There is no right or wrong way of how you make a BOS. Put whatever you feel is relevant to you and what you believe, into a form that you are comfortable with.
Great and very detailed response Steph! Blessings, Ianna
Steph, thank you for your idea, I like the thought of putting it on the computer first. So easy to cut and paste. I have a beautiful BOS that was gifted me, but hate to write in it. So afraid I'll mess up or not like the order I put things in. Blessings.

Greetings Magia! You are sooo right! I pencil in my spells and then transfer the ones that worked into pen.....Just makes like easier.....
I just recently started my BoS. I have it in a three ring binder and put the pages into plastic sleeves so they are removable for use and stay nice and neat. Right now I'm writing the things I know I'll need to use in it, such as casting a circle, the sabbats and their rituals and spells I wish to use in the near future. Whatever I find I might need. Not having a coven near me, I'm forced to be solitary so being gifted with one won't happen for me. I prefer to write mine out by hand. But I believe this is personal preferance. This way has worked out for me so far. I hope I'm doing it right, but again, I'm trying to muddle through this first learning phase on my own. If I'm messing anytging up, please, someone correct me. I hope this helps. Blessed be
Everyone is right,I myself have a few B.O.S. one is in the format of a 3 ring binder that I have alot of good info that I have collected from books and the internet,infact I have a half dozen of those. and I also have a hand writen one that is smaller and alot easyer to just grab and take with, as for the set up of it, its kind of all over the place, I have taken an aproch of letting the goddess guide my hand and I wright ...so its a little unorgonised in its format,but I seem to open it up to what I need quickly. so just take your time and do it how you like or feel for the time.blessings to you and keen for this samhain.
YOUR BOS is just that, its YOURS. Everyone has an oppinion on what it should look like and what it should contain. I have a rather extensive BOS and it entails things off the net a spiral notebook and another book that I write in as a "final copy". The best advice I can give to anyone who is struggling with this is to start more of a "Magickal Journal". Try and record dreams, meditations, spells and poetry that you like, also all the sabbots and holidays. That will become a BOS if you let it become one. Later on get a nicer book maybe and transfer the information that you feel is best into it.
WARNING>>>>>> I am from a family of pagans and a BOS is a task that will never end. You will always add to it and take out of it. It is an art to build a BOS.


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