Chakra Tuning

Your Chakra's are what make you a whole being. Without them your whole self wouldn't be able to do half the things it can do... Such as heal yourself, use your 3rd eye to the full point, you would feel off-balance, and many other things.

A lot of people become sick, and don't realize that a tuning can help better them! Some people want to get in touch with their 3rd eye, and again, a tuning can help. Using your Chakra's ALSO helps meditation.
So, this page is to show you how "I" tune my Chakra's. Although it is very important that you learn a way that is best for you. This is only "MY" way, and there are many others...

Lay on the floor. Close your eyes. You can use candles and music if that helps you.
Watch the colors you see on the inside of your eyelids, feel them move. Move with them. Imagine yourself spinning although you are still on your back (or you can sit on the floor. Comfort is the most important thing of all.)
As you start spinning imagine the Chakra you would like to tune spinning in a small ball-like form. Kind of how you would imagine seeing a spiral galaxy. As you tune your chakra, add color to it. The chakra is becoming larger, but not too big. You feel it taking in all that is good and sending out all that is bad. You are still spinning, and by now you should be feeling like you are spinning as well. You should also be able to feel the Chakra spinning and cleansing itself.
After you feel nothing but your body spinning and the chakra spinning, and after you feel all that is bad is now gone from that Chakra, you can close it.
NEVER LEAVE a Chakra open.
To close it you imagine it closing up or simply letting the "galaxy" fade away.
You are done, but don't get up too fast because you might feel a little woozy or dizzy.

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