"PREPARATION" Do not attempt this when you are physically exhausted, or have just finished eating or at any other time when the blood is likely to be drawn from the head to other parts of the body. This is important. Your mind must be clear and active, not cluttered. Thus, a full complement of blood in the brain is necessary. Take a bath and cleanse yourself thoroughly, including your mouth and teeth. In a word, remove from yourself as much extraneous physical matter as you can. Usually a shower is better than a tub. This cleansing process is very important, so do not neglect it. It has both a practical and a psychological effect, practical in that it will free you from both material and astral contamination, psychological in that you will actually feel mentally and emotionally cleaner. Put on a light garment, (or nothing, as you prefer). Select a place where you will not be interrupted. Sit in a comfortable chair with a back high enough to rest your head, or lie flat on a bed or couch.

"PRACTICE" When comfortable and relaxed, take several deep breaths. These should be even breaths spaced in a rhythmic fashion. Inhale to the count of four, hold the breath to the count of four, then exhale to the count of four. The counting should be even and regular, never hurried, never too slow. When the breathing has been completed, (when you feel totally relaxed), close your eyes and visualize the place to which you wish to project. It may be the next room or it may be miles away; it doesn't matter. But it is important that you know this place, that you have been there and are familiar with it in all it's details. Then see yourself in this place. In order to do this successfully, you must shut out awareness of your present physical surroundings, shut out all sights and sounds, and see in your mind's eye the appearance of the place you wish to visit. Give this picture every detail it is possible for you to recall, the colors, lighting, arrangement of objects, the characteristic sounds, smells, all you would be aware of if you were physically there. When you can actually visualize yourself in the place selected, look around. Observe how things are arranged, who is there, how are they dressed, listen to what is said. Then return your attention to your body seated in the chair or lying on the couch. It is important that you retain full awareness at all times. Do not fall into a dream state. It is very easy to fall asleep but you must resist it. Good projection depends upon your ability to control yourself. The dream state brings illusion and unreality. Therefore, stay awake. When you open your eyes back in your room, write down the exact hour and all that you observed. This is the correct way to do this. Successful etheric projection can be done only by practice and meditation. Practice meditation for at least 15 minutes twice daily .(three or more times each day is better). I recommend Chakra meditations. I also recommend the middle pillar exercise or similar types of practices of moving light around.

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