A Pathworking
A Gift from the Goddess
by Magi
I walk to the gate, open it and step through.
I find myself surrounded by a thick mist, unable to see more than three feet in front of me. I turn to face the gateway, but it too cannot be seen. I begin to walk forward into the mist. Water droplets form on my clothes and body as I walk into its embrace. I know not where I am going. I know not how to return. I simply place my trust in the Old Ones and move forward. After I while I am completely lost in the mist, but continue walking anyway. Then I see a fawn sitting on a rock smiling at me. I start to talk to him, but he simply disappears. Not a slow fade but, one second he's there, the next he's not.
As I continue on my way, I see in the distance tall, dark shapes. As I approach, it becomes clear that the mist is playing tricks with my eyesight, for these are not an army of grotesque monsters, but a scared grove of oak trees. As I approach the trees, I can make out the shape of the fawn I saw earlier. This time he smiles and says "Welcome traveller. In perfect trust you found your way here. Now come, follow me" and disappears among the trees. I follow where he now leads.
We come to a large clearing in the middle of the trees. There seated at tables around the entire boundary of the clearing are the creatures of the forest. Some animal, some mythical, some I cannot put a name too. As I cast my eye around the clearing I see two spaces at the table. These have been reserved for the fawn and I. We sit and food is passed to me. The food is of the fruits of the forest - berries, fruit, roots - and a loaf of bread. The bread tastes like nothing I have ever eaten before. Imagine the most delicious thing you have ever had, then multiply that taste ten-fold and you would still not be even close to the way this bread tasted. Then a goblet of wine is passed to me. The wine is crystal clear, at once both refreshing and delicious. I sit there with my hunger satisfied and my thirst quenched, but without that 'full' feeling one often gets after eating a meal.
I look around the circle and, for the first time, notice two large, throne-like chairs carved from wood at one end of the clearing. As my gaze falls upon them, so I see a white and green light moving among the tress beyond. An expectant hush falls on the creatures sitting at the tables. Through the tress and into the clearing move the Lord and the Lady. They take their seats on the carved thrones and look around and smile at each and everyone of us who are at the gathering. The Lord then stands and speaks to us all. I cannot repeat here what He said for, although He spoke to all, each one of us heard His words differently.
The Lady then looked around the circle. When Her eyes fell on me, I heard Her call my magickal name and so stepped forward to stand by Her throne. She smiled. I could then see that She was pregnant, carrying the child that is to be born at Yule. She then spoke to me with soft and gentle words and gave me a precious gift. She said "You have gathered in the harvest of your endeavours over the past year. Whether it is a good or poor harvest is not for me to say It is your harvest and only you know if it bears the fruits you desire. And if it is not as full as expected, do not despair, for soon will be the time to plant the seeds for next year's harvest. If it exceeds your expectations, then rejoice".
She then said "I give you this gift. A gift that will help you through times when all around you appears dark. When the Dark Night of the Soul approaches, take comfort from it". She places in my hand a perfect, shinning star. Not the five or six pointed stars we are used to seeing, but a glowing star, that looks as though it has just been plucked from the heavens. The star sits in my hand without any weight, as though it is hovering just above my skin. But I can feel it's energy radiating through me. My eyes fill with tears and my being with love as I behold this wondrous gift. I smile at the Lady and know that words of thanks are not necessary for this is a gift She has freely given.
I turn to return to my place in the circle, but the creatures of the forest are no longer there. They have departed to those places from whence they came. I turn back to the Lord and Lady with a look of surprise in my eyes as they too have disappeared. All that remains is the echo of their laughter in the air.
I hear a cough from behind me and turn again to see the fawn who led me here. "Time to return to your own Realm" he says as he leads me back among the trees.
When we reach the edge of the grove of oak trees the mist has lifted and sun is shining down on the land. I look up and notice that this is one of those magical days when both the sun and moon are in the sky together. The road before me now knows clear and straight back to the gateway.
I return through the gateway and firmly close it behind me. As I return to normal waking consciousness I am filled with happiness because I know that I can return to that other realm any time I choose to do so.
Blessed Be

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