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"Though reading and conversation may furnish us with many ideas of men and things, yet it is our own meditation must from our judgment".

Dr. I. Watts

Magick is the Yoga of the West. The goal is the same, the methods are slightly different.

The main groups of Yoga are:

1) HATHA YOGA= Health Yoga, bringing the nerves to a calm state.

2) RAJA YOGA= Mental Yoga, concentrative.

3) NANA YOGA= Yoga of Knowledge.

4) KARMA YOGA= Yoga of Work. (Karma comes from a Sanskrit word
called "KRI" which means "to do".

5) BHAKTI YOGA= Yoga of Devotion, to see God in all things.

6) MANTRA YOGA= Yoga of speech.

7) DHYANI YOGA= Yoga of Meditation.

8) KUNDALINI YOGA= Yoga of the Life Force.

9) TANTRA YOGA= Sexual Yoga.

The object of Yoga is to stop all mental process including itself. Yoga is the Art of Unity and Love. When object and subject are united, Knowledge occurs. The process of Yoga is as follows:

1) DHARANA (Fixing the mind on an object.)

2) DHYANA (Uniting object and subject.)

3) SAMADHI (The result of uniting object and subject. Union
with God.)

4) SAMYAMA (The result and accomplishment of all of the above.)

There are eight ways in which the Magician can achieve Samyama:

1) *YAMA= Control, restraint.

2) *NIYAMA= Restraint of the mind.

3) ASANA= Posture. "That which is firm and pleasant". Any
posture which is "steady and easy".

4) PRANAYAMA= Control of breath. A process whereby all
impurities are thrown out of the body.

5) PRATYA HARA= General examination of thoughts which one
wishes to control.

6) DHARANA= Fixing the mind on a single point whereby the
impurities of the mind are thrown out.
7) DHYANA= Uniting the object with the subject.

8) SAMADHI= The result of uniting object with subject. Union
with God.

(* The object of these two is to stop all emotion or passion from disturbing the mind. It is probable that these practices were adopted by Christianity and manifested themselves as celibacy.)

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