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The Forgotten Coninent of Atlantis

This is a group set up for those that either feel they are from Atlantis or any who has questions regarding the sunken Continent. I would be glad to answer any question if I can. This is also a space if you wish to debate the existence of Atlantis.

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The Atlantean Lifestyle

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Comment by Tegwedd ShadowDancer on November 16, 2010 at 10:37pm
Hi! Be sure & check out my new blog about what's new & exciting in our neck of the woods! Be sure and call 888-611-7982 or 916-455-2267 for a reading, class, or research in our 12,000 book library!
Comment by Sharra Bella Cher on November 7, 2010 at 9:08pm
I have been away awhile, in other discussions with the same concerns about the changing of the world, government and involved myself so deeply in this dimension of happenings. I have not forgotton this group but away long enough to not allow myself spiritual healing.
These are struggles, internal ones. Trying to keep the balance of physical self and spiritual self aware yet apart.
Malta, I can only imagion the energy... my physical body would be scared to no end to travel to a tiny island though I am sure it must be a magical feeling surrounded by the sea.
Dreams, almost all my dreaming involves large bodies of water. My entire basis of having spiritual beliefs are from a near drowning experience when only 3 of age. This was my 1st contact with my spiritual guides ( I have 2). From then on, they have been in my life and very active during times of great concern. I have never been religious, I see too clearly. Deja vu was something that occured durring my childhood but not as an adult. This is what connected me to past life beliefs. I am one who seeks answers. I never bought into religion. It was visions that caused me to study religion. The closest faith was Buddhism which is more a phylosophy, from there everything Occult, Eastern and those faiths then western then those faiths... many start from the west and then go to the east, me the other way around. I feel my roots in the east, Russian decent from even my Saxony ancestors. Spiritually I am Tibetian and it all makes perfect sence. Compairing names of my ancestors to my taste in food, music and style.
The continents will change again as they did before and human DNA will be perserved as it was before and again introduced as it had before. Geneticly we will be altered as we have before and again we will learn and forget and learn again. Once we die that is our mortal self our spiritual self steps over into another realm be it the 4th or 5th dimension, that I do not know but that is the self we need to remember matters and not the physical. Every physical being dies no matter the how or when. Fear of that is a physical one troubled by, who will take care of my family and what about my stuff. NONE of it matters and there is no exscaping death. The body you leave reincarnates into the soil such as all matter and feeds physcial life which also will grow and die and this repetes infinity.
The Heavens are full of multi-dimensional beings some may share some of the same DNA as us and some not.
Every thing has a purpose. Knowledge of that is only understood on certain levels.
Why we are living at this time and aware of these things, like it or not were choices we made before birth. If you are awake to understand what is going to take place then you are prepared. Yes it is alittle scary not knowing all the details but that's the mortal you. The fight/flight survival you. The you who needed that instinct to make it to where you are now. The spiritual you understands this is a time of growth. Faith is not always easy. You now know you are just as much a God as those you were taught to worship.
We all feel better knowing a big brother or sister or parent was there for us in times of need. However as you evolve, you become the big brother or sister, parent, ie: God. It is time to evolve and take your place amoung all the other star children you have been looking into the Heavens for. We maybe the last generation before the world changes. All the Universe works in cycles as does life on the planet. So, we will live though a chaos and leave our bodies and fond possessions behind and grow into our new selves....a metamorphoses.
Comment by Archmage on August 23, 2010 at 6:59pm
As stated earlier Draven, it will be the end of the world as we know it. This also means a complete restructure of our civilization which I believe will lack any structured government as we have today. However, this is only my own opinion and lacks any sort of evidence except for my own feelings. I do hope it also means the crash of all financial markets as money leads to greed which has destroyed a good portion of the natural Earth. I do believe this new age (the return of an ancient one) will lead to a healing of this planet which means that money will not be a big part of it. I see the return of the barter system and self-governing of small groups of survivors.
Comment by Galahad on August 23, 2010 at 4:25pm
How can we know if there's going to be any government left? And why this need for control? If I'm still alive in this shell, I shall continue to be in control of myself and myself only, and adapt as best as I can to the circumstances. And if only we could all adopt a similar ethos.........we will all be in control.
We can only guess at what, if any, outcome there may or not be. Take your pick. I'm not worried, what will be will be.
I cannot offer you any definite answers, I simply don't know, sorry
Comment by Galahad on August 23, 2010 at 3:39pm
The Mayan peoples themselves say as their ancestors did, 2012 is the end of an ancient age whereupon a new one will begin. It is the interpretation of certain re-Discoverers and translators who would let us believe 2012 is the End Of The World.............catastrophe
Comment by Archmage on August 23, 2010 at 12:19pm
Draven, this battle you are willing to undertake would be against the very planet you are wanting to fight for. This shift happens every 6,000 - 9,000 years and every time there is a huge dent made to the human population. The last shift saw the sinking of Atlantis. This shift began in 1980 when Mt. St. Helen's blew her top after laying dormant for almost 3,000 years. You could call these shifts as Earth's way of culling the populations (which this time we truly need as 7 billion people is far too great a number of people for this world). Another thing these shifts do is to rearrange the continents; give them a face lift so to speak. So expect a different look to the world if you are one of those to survive through it. That is what Nostradamaus meant when he stated "the end of the world as we know it"; he did not mean the end of the world. Another thing to take into consideration is the Mayan calender. 2012 is when this calender ends. This is because the Mayans could not see into the new age we are about to enter. Actually it is an ancient age come back around as the cosmos time sequence is like a wheel and hence old ages become new ages and so on.
Comment by Sharra Bella Cher on August 21, 2010 at 9:06pm
Well, I really tried to understand his writings and it was way off the map for my tiny brain..LOL. so instead of look up every scientist he named and every equation he wrote, I felt your knowledge in physics, quantum or otherwise would bring me closer to an understanding. Every so often we get "information" that no matter how much I bounce off the wall... leaves me exhausted and confused. Thank You ever so much Brother the feral sage. I wanted to ask him in laymans terms...What the hey? but didn't want to come off stupid... I'm far from a genius, I'm just you run of the mill average thinker and doesn't pretend to know more than I do. I am thankful I don't have to struggle with that any longer, Namaste, Sister Sharra
Comment by Sharra Bella Cher on August 20, 2010 at 7:24pm
Thanks for letting me share... it's a difficult subject for me.
I also believed I saw 3 of the UFO ships in clear skies over Luling Texas back in 1997. I struggle with it because over the last year I researched the government does have the technology and has had it a very long while. I don't like thinking it was a hoax, I fell for. So what I was convinced of for so many years now has me questioning.
Very few places one can go to discuss these things without risking ridicule.
Comment by Sharra Bella Cher on August 20, 2010 at 7:02pm
I know this is some kind of explanation... I just don't understand it. So if it seems Greek to you, I won't feel so bad. However any understanding may help me "see the picture"... some of the theories in these groups, "I get it"... this is like teaching my cat french, or throwing a 1st grader in medical school... my appologies for being so dumb.
Comment by Sharra Bella Cher on August 20, 2010 at 5:13pm
Okay folks This is way too complex for my little brain, if someone understands this please bring me up to speed, or maybe just closer. And yes this is in one of the yahoo groups, I guess I'm suppose to be a scientist to understand Dark Energy as a 4-dimensional
Lightsource of multi-D String Consciousness and the Newtonian Forcelaw extension as a Quantum Interaction

This message shall elucidate the physical phenomena possible following the cosmic reconfiguration of the universal spacetime metric post the ending of the present warptime loop on April 1st, 2012.

The unified gauge field of energy, encompassing the conservation laws of the natural sciences in momentum-energy dynamics and as applied and analysed by contemporary terrestrial physics; also is defined for a metaphysical or pre Big Bang primordial 'super energy' which must remain, by definition, independent on the metric descriptions of the post Big Bang kinematics (such as a thermodynamically expanding cosmology as say a Black Body Planck Radiator).

In the labels of the conservation laws, which depend on the energy summation integrals of the dynamically interacting physical parameters in the Standard Models of both Classical Relativity and Quantum Mechanics in the form of so called Hamiltonians, Lagrangians and Actions; an observed 'missing mass' and 'missing energy' component is conventionally termed as a "Dark Energy".

Terrestrial physicists then propose, that this Dark Energy is related to the only known and well formulated quasi-violation of the conservation laws in the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle; and where the product of Action parameters, such as Energy (E) and Time (t) or classical Displacement (x) and linear Momentum (p=mv) restrict the measureable variables to a minimum Vacuum Resonance State given by the Planck Oscillator Eo=½hfo=¼hω/π for a minimum/limiting frequency fo=ω/2π and angular velocity ω=2πfo=v/r for a classicalized tangential velocity v=ωr.

The extraterrestrial physicist however states, that the minimum Planck oscillator energy itself represents a lower limit for the aforementioned 'super energy'.
Therefore the nature of the Dark Energy can not be found, even in the highest spectra of the Standard Models of the terrestrial physics (say Gamma rays in standard gauge particle interactions), based on the thermodynamic evolvement of the cosmology, but must be sought in in the higher dimensional extension of the Planck Oscillator itself.

This of course requires the examination of the pre Big Bang energy spectrum in terms of the 'super energy' being the 'missing dark energy' in connecting the well analysed 3-dimensional metric space with a precursive and generative 4-dimensional 'super'-metric space.

A 3-dimensional space occupying object so must be 'embedded' in a 4-dimensional space and in analogy to a 2-dimensional projection or shadow or cross-section of a 3D object being 'contained' within the 'objective space' of the projection.

Terrestrial cosmology has made great inroads in this context in its discovery of the holographic nature of the universe; and has rigorized this in the relationship between classical thermodynamic entropy (counting particle permutation- and ordering states statistically) and the quantum statistics of Black Hole physics, which allow description of any 3D space as an information mapping onto a 2D surface (the event horizon of a 3D Black Hole).
Extensive work by cosmologists and string physicists (Bekenstein, Hawking, Maldacena, Susskind, t'Hooft, Witten, Green and many more) has succeeded in 'proving' the 'Holographic Principle' constructed on these premises of relating the classical stochastics to their quantum formulations.

A 3D object so can cast a shadow 2D projection of itself within the space of the its defining 3D coordinate system; should an external 3D lightsource 'shine' upon the 3D object and a reflective surface (say a wall) be available for the 'shadow' to manifest.

A 4D object also casts a 3D 'shadow' in a 4D coordinate system, but as the 4th spacial dimension remains independent on the 3D measurement due to its normal component being colocal with any of the dimensions of the 3D space.

Riemann's 3-sphere or Hypersphere say, is defined as a 3-dimensional surface and as the lower dimensional boundary for a 4-sphere of volume
V4=½π2R4 of 3D-surface area S4 =V3=2π2R3 (compare the volume and the surface area of a 3D sphere in V3=4πR3/3 and its derivative S3=4πR2 ).

In elementary terms then, any 3D space for the 3D object to manouver in, is 'encompassed' not only by a (topologically minimally connected) spherical geometry, but also a (topologically multi connected) toroidal geometry, such as given by the geometric 3D definition of a maximized Torus volume VTorus=(2πRouter)(πRinner2)=2π2R3.

Until the end of the warptime on April 1st, 2012 and an adjacent 'gestation' period of 265 days, ending December 21st, 2012; the 'toroidal geometry' of the universe cannot be accessed, except in its 'shadow nature'.

This implies, that the 4th space dimension remains 'collapsed' or 'enfolded' with the 4th space dimension colocal with the already existing 3D spacial metric.
Following the nexus date specified; this 'collapsed' 'inner space' will become an 'outer space' and depending on the (resonance) parameters defined by the extraterrestrial omni-physics; certain inhabitants and 3D objectifiers of the 'old 4D spacetime configurations' will find themselves enabled to access a 'new 5D spacetime matrix'.

In terms of the present spacetime configuration, the gauge physics can be simply stated as an energy transformation bound by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. This then will become extended in the Holographic Principle, with the 5th dimension acting as both an inner space and an outer space parameter in the multidimensional cosmology.

This energy transformation then extends the Heisenbergian Uncertainty in allowing the fifth gauge of the 'Dark Energy' to manifest in the 4D space.

The 'darkness' of this fifth gauge then becomes a direct consequence of the 'opening up' of the hitherto 'collapsed inner space' and there will be a new ubiquitous 'vacuum energy source' manifesting on the gauge quantum level of the cosmic matrix in multi dimensional omni-space (of 12 dimensions).

In present terminology this can be simply stated as the unification of the classical mass-parametric cosmology of the mass-energy equivalence of Albert Einstein with the lightspeed invariance of the massequivalence, namely the quantum mechanics of Max Planck.

1. Energy E=mc2 = hf
2. Energy E=hf iff m=0 (defining lightspeed invariance for inertia acceleration)
3. Energy E=mc2 iff f =fss (defining a minimum eigenfrequency for inertia)

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle then relates to the dimensional space extension in rendering the minimum self resonance state for inertia as fss=fsecondary sinksource=1/fps=1/fprimary sourcesink in the definitions of the modular duality (here T-duality) of well established terrestrial string/brane cosmologies.
The primary (Weyl) frequency fps then defines the Big Bang parameters as the final concequence of prior Brane/Cosmic Ray transformations for a thus labeled inflationary epoch (of instantons and inflatons) from the initiating Planck Energy spectrum and preceded by the Nullstate configuration of the metaphysically and algorithmically defined 'super energy', preceding all metric considerations.

The 'new' Heisenberg Uncertainty so will directly relate the gauge physics of the fifth gauge of the hybridization between the mass eigen frequency fss and so its coupled 'graviton' to the lightspeed invariance and so the so called 'virtual photon'.
This of course must also represent the gauge unification between electromagnetism and gravitation in both their classical and quantum relative descriptions.

The manifestation of the frequency spectrum of inertia in higher dimensional string modalities, so will allow the mass parameter (m) to hybridize with the gauged form of what is known by terrestrial physicists as 'light'.

The braned-gauged form of the 'virtual' photon is however not virtual at all.
The gauge photon of the Standard Models is however colour charged, so allowing unification with all other gauges, similarly colour charged and interacting in the modus operandi of their chiral orientations.

What is termed Electromagnetic Radiation or EMR by terrestrial scientists; is actually a derivative of a 'superform' of EMR termed Monopolar EMR (EMMR) by extraterrestrial omni-science.

This can easily become discerned by analysing the origin of terrestrial EMR.
All EMR is generated by the acceleration of Coulombic-Electric Charges and these electropoles are always associated with inertial mass carriers, such as protons at the core of stars; their fusion resulting in the nucleosynthesis of the elements like hydrogen fusing into helium and so emitting EMR as the excess energy in the energy transformation processes.

This emitted EMR then assumes the gauged form of photons, all of whom are NOT colour charged and who are so chirally their own antiparticles.

This chiral independence so becomes a consequence of the inertia coupling between the original fusion protons and can then be back-engineered only to the manifestation of the inertia of the Big Bang cosmology itself.

As this Big Bang Cosmology represents the final manifestation of the minimum 3D spacial metrication however and is preceded by a Big Bang Brane Cosmogony even beyond the first superstring class (type I of both open and closed 10D superstrings) as the Nullstate of the Void=Infinitum Cosmogenesis; all mass/inertia couplings are in fact a derivative and a consequence of a prior gauged energy selfstate, termed Monopolar by the extraterrestrial cosmologist.

It then is this monopolar (or monopolic) self state of the super energy, which not only describes the nature of the dark energy, but also the extension of the Heisenberg Uncertainty by and through the unfoldment of a 4th spacial dimension.

All gauges of the unified brane spectrum in energy are colour charged and are unified and coupled through their colour charge permutations in chiralities and a quantum geometry of a basic template, which can be labeled as a ubiquitous Higgs blueprint, encompassing all inertia couplings then defined as the elementary particles in an already inherent gauge supersymmetry.

The so called 'virtual photon' of the electrodynamic elementary interaction so is indeed exchanged between other 'real photons' or 'particles', but this exchange engages a multidimensional gauge interaction which is by its very nature independent on the metric dynamics of the 4D (Minkowski) spacetime of the classical relativistic geometry and those quantum formulations, which carry locality and causality as formal prerequisites.

Here then the Holographic Cosmology, incorporating the nonlocality effects observed in the well analysed quantum mechanics for the statistically descriptive wavefunctions, becomes a defining medium for the Unified Field of the gauge interactions.

This Unified Field then harbours four gauges of the 3D space coupled to a fifth gauge of the 4D space.
Two long-range gauges are the Eps=hfps 'virtual photon' (Weyl-Photon of the Big Bang, defining the Now-Instanton and the Inflaton of the Hubble-bounded Toroidal Riemannian hypersphere) and the Graviton and the two short-range gauges for the nuclear interactions are the Gluon (in 8 permutations due to SU(3) unitary symmetry for nucleon strong interaction) and the Ess=hfss 'virtual antiphoton' as the precursor for the Higgs template also encompassing the inertial Weakons (labeled ±W, Zº) as supersymmetric coupling agents to the mass-energy equivalent energy transform (see 1.2.3. above) and so manifesting the massless weak gauge' of the 'virtual antiphoton'.

The fifth gauge is termed RestMassPhoton or RMP by the extraterrestrial cosmology. It becomes necessary to unify the chirality distribution of the quantum spin, which neutralizes the long range interactions (inverse square laws of gravitation and electrodynamics) in colour charging but renders a net anticlockwise quantum spin to couple to the short range interactions.

Again the nuclear interactions neutralize in colour charge, but give a net clockwise doublespin to then partially negate the anticlockwise quantum spin momentum to again result in a then clockwise quantum angular momentum residue.

The RMP then neutralizes the clockwise remnant in its left polarization to manifest the overall unification betwen the five gauges.
The RMP so is the 'missing gauge', the carrier of the 'dark energy' as a physical consciousness as one of many possible labellings, yet related to the unified gauge scenario due to its own colour charge distribution, which is complimentary and supersymmetric to the colour charge definitions of the long range and the short range gauges (all defined by the Red-Green-Blue or RGB quark-gluon permutation states).

It is the Higgs template and so all of the inertial 'particles', which form the anticolour spectrum, say in the triplet Cyan-Magenta-Yellow or CMY=YCM.

The Higgs' inertia is however not fundamental and so has no specific mass; but becomes itself a distribution from the pre Big Bang brane cosmology, described by the modular transformation of five superstring classes under the auspices of the 'consciousness gauge' of the RMP.

The Higgs and the RMP are related in their colour charge spectrum however.
The scalar (0-spin) of the Higgs becomes counterclockwise (-1) chirally induced due to the observed parity (space symmetry) violation of the weak nuclear interaction.
In particular, only lefthanded neutrons decay weakly into lefthanded protons, lefthanded electrons and righthanded antineutrinos under conventional laws of energy-momentum conservation.

This favouritism of the universe towards lefthanded inertia carriers (fermions) so represents an effect of the pre Big Bang omniphysics.

The Higgs Boson exhibits the same colour charge template as a double neutron as a basic bifurcation of a string class (heterotic HO32) into two fermion classes, known as a quark-lepton bifurcation or split.

So defining the fermionic neutron as a derivative from a bosonic dineutron through the agency of the Higgs Boson coupled to a RMP; solves the mystery of the monexistence of naturally occurring antimatter in the universe.

The original inertia content of the Big Bang cosmology requires no antimatter, should this same inertia become the Higgsian form of matter and mass from the RMP form of the prior 'pure consciousness' or 'super energy' form of the pre Big bang and even the pre Planck Energy formalisms of the so called vacuum.

In particular, the super energy transformation of the RMP into the Higgsian energy of mass, would simply define the energy subset known by terrestrial physics as the energy balance and record keeping of the conservation laws under the auspices of the Heisenbergian Uncertainty parameters.

One important manifesto of the Dark Energy as the Consciousness of space itself and as gauged by the RMP will be the 3D Shadow of 4D objects.

Just as a 3D objectification requires a Lightsource due to its massness to cast a 2D shadow; so does a 4D objectification in spacial configuration require an Antilightsource due to its mass-energy equivalence.

This Antilightsource is gauged by the self resonance of that transformed super energy from the RMP/Consciousness state into the inertia/mass eigenstate.

The eigen frequency fss as a stringed sinksource so becomes the mirrored brane state of the sourcesink fps in terms of the string parameter definition in multi dimensional extraterrestrial omniphysics.

Just as a 'Dark Body', defined in mass and inertia requires a LightSource; so does a 'Light Body', defined in super energy as spacial brane consciousness demand a AntiLightsource as a LightSink.

This LightSink in gauge terms is the RMP and in the holographic universe of the macroquantumization becomes the merkabah or 'vessel' or 'spaceship' of RMP agglomerations, aka physicalized 3D space containing and coordinated 'body forms' say embedded in 4D Minkowski 'flat Euclidean' spacetime dimensionally extended in the Toroidal topologies in 'curved Kaluza-Klein' spacetimes of the the reconfigured cosmic matrix of the 12D omnispacetime.

The 'Dark Energy' antishining onto the reconfigured 5D spacetime, so will mirror the Reflection-Absorption spectra of 4D spacetimes in dimensional extension where the Black Hole Energy Consciousness Absorber is rendered a White Hole Energy Consciousness Emitter and the Lightbodies of 5D becoming the encompassments for the Darkbodies of 4D.

The Dark Shadows of 4D spacetime so become equivalent to Light Shadows of 5D spacetime in the dimensional reconfiguration of the cosmic matrix itself.

The following correspondence with David Rountree, a scientist and researcher into higher dimensional omniphysics, also addrersses the stated subject matter of this message.
This shall also address and define the Newtonian Forcelaw extension, which indicates more detail on the mathematical physics and parameters, which will become 'common place' following the reconfiguration of the cosmic matrix.

I am in Williamsburg, Va. in a house built in 1690. I just watched a pewter salt shaker (kind of heavy) slide across a table by itself. I have a very high EMF modulating between 6 Hz and 9 Hz and appears to be generated from approximately two feet off the floor about two feet ENE of the center of the room, based on triangulation readings from my three field detectors.
Any ideas?
And now it is gone....

At the end I had a short burst of gamma radiation, about 350 mRADs

Hi David!
350 mrad=3.5 milliJoules for N.f=E/h~5.25x1030 Hz
So now finestructure this 'frequency-energy' equivalent into the measured gamma frequencies, say the basis ZPE-electron/positron frequency of 2.5x1020 Hz.
So the observed energy is equal to so 20 billion electron-positron annihilations.
Should the 'telekinetic' movement have no external energy input as source; then the energy supplid derives from the ZPE as stated.
The positional calibrations are varied, as holofractal magnification/diminuition can apply on many scales.

One very important boundary condition are the Schumann Harmonics.
The perimeter of the earth is 40,000 km as a lightpath on the surface and has a Schumann basis of 7.5 Hz (300,000,000 km/s/40,000km).

So at this frequency, otherwise 'obscured' phenomena can occur.
This frequency so allows the light-matter interaction (characterised in the probability of the electromagnetic alpha finestructure constant as 1 in 137) to maximise.

Another important calibration parameter is the 'size' of the 'merkabah', being the √(15) as wavelength for a frequency of 77.46 MHz.
This 'merkabah' frequency then is in harmonic to the Schumann frequency in 1:107.
The Schumann frequency so has a minimum at 7.5; but many other resonances and harmonics.

So called 'paranormal' phenomena depend on a given region of spacetime to become temporarily 'isolated' to partake in the holofractal nature of the universe.
What you have observed, so represents such an isolation, most likely having become 'induced' by either some 'emotional, say suppressed' energy or from a transmitter at least 2 million kilometers from the center of the earth.

The Force required for the movement derives as follows:
Use m=moGamma=(hf/c2)/√(1-[v/c]2)=(hf/c2)/√(u)=(hf/c2).f(u,v,t)
dm/dt=(dm/du)(du/dt) and where u(v)=1-[v/c]2 for du/dv=-2v/c2
F={dv/dt}(m+[hfv2/c4]Gamma3) as the relativistic extension of Newton's Law.

The first part applies to a constancy in mass m and the second engages special relativity.
However this assumes that the frequency f remains constant as photonic inertia f=mc2/h.
Then allowing the frequency f to vary:

F= dp/dt=d(hfv/c2 Gamma)/dt=(h/c2){f.d[v.Gamma]/dt + vGamma.df/dt}
F=(h/c2){f.(v2/c2+1-v2/c2)Gamma3.dv/dt + vGamma.df/dt}
F=(h/c2){fGamma3.dv/dt + vGamma.df/dt}
F= mGamma3.dv/dt + (hvgroup/c2).Gamma.df/dt

F= Standard Acceleration Force + Quantum Alpha-Force; the latter normally 'occultised' due to the minuteness of the multiplier (h/c2~10-50).
The resonance or wormhole timedifferential for frequency is the entropy counter 9x1060 as the square of the source frequency (of the wormhole).

The moderator

--- In, ghost_hunter_01@... wrote:
I was thinking along a simular line, but the question is the spontaneous EMF appeared to source from nothingness in the near center of the room. Do you think that this may indicate a possible opening between a parallel universe and our own?
Dear David!
I know from personal experience, that the manifestation of a 4th spacial dimension superimposes onto the ordinary Minkowski metric.
As said, the requirement for such a dimensional intersection (3D+T with 4D+T) is the encapsulation of a region of space.
This region is quantised in the following manner:
VolumexAngular Acceleration (df/dt)=NxUniversal Constant=NxElectron-Diameterxc2
V3=2π2R3 as dV4/dR for V4=π2R4/2

Then the normal hyperspace vector is: R/4 related to the Planck-Area quantisation of Black Holes (The surface area of a BH is quantised in Planck-Areas/4 as entropy count).

You can now calculate the maximum resonance state for maximum entropy df/dt=fmax2 and which crystallises the wormhole boundary, ie. the Black Holes Inner Event Horizon and amenable to both activation as a sourced White Hole or a Sinked Black Hole.
For N=1 then; V=500/9x10 60=5.555x10-59 cubic meters (or 'quarto' meters in V4)
For V3: R3=1.41x10-20 meters as Compton-Radius with energy 14.03 TeV (yes this is the maximum energy for the LHC at Geneva, thus designed)
For V4 : R4=1.832x10-15 meters and a 'reduced' energy of frequency 2.6x1022 Hz or 0.11 GeV.

Recalling, that the calculations above invoke the maximum resonance state; it nevertheless becomes apparent, that the practical utility of wormholes should engage the muon-mass (about 106 MeV), which then becomes coupled to the base-pionic quark-antiquark associations either charged (pion± ~140MeV) or neutral (piono~135 MeV).

Now this throws open a new physics, because of the manner the quantum geometry (or blueprints) arrange the wavefunctions of the quarks, coupled top leptonic rings.
The muon is a 'heavy' electron, due to the fact, that the up-down coupling is energywise insufficient to transverse the nucleon diameter (about 5 fermi as an electron probability distribution and about 3 fermi as the size of a proton).
So forming resonance states of the up-quark as a charm quark and a resonance state for the down quark as a strange quark, will increase this energy to the required levels.

Detailed analysis then shows you how the unitary SU(3) symmetry of the standard model 'falls into place' as emergence of the quark-lepton family couplings.

Here then is your conundrum in regards to the wormhole utility however.
Quantum mechanics is precisely applicable and useful at the (3 fermi) scale of the classical electron radius, say in QED.

At larger scales, the quantum field theories come into play and with it the 'classical electron' is rendered as a'point particle' with the associated difficulties of renormalisation and finitization of working parameters, such as position and momentum.
Now you have seen in the calculation above, that the 'muonic electron' requires a frequency of so 2.6x1022 Hz for a 4-Radius vector of 1.8x10-15 meters (2/3rds of the electron radius).

So the requirement becomes a change in the frequency of the 'muonic electron' to accomodate a 'matching' of the frequency upon a quantised holofractal background.
In the case above, decreasing the muonic electron frequency by a factor of 1.51 would attain this harmonisation between the 3-dimensional electron limit and its 4-dimensional extension. Then a frequency of 1.72x1022 Hz would be able to 'tap' into the matrix-background defined 'classical electron radius' also at that frequency eigenstate.

Generally, the 4th spacial (Kaluza-Klein) dimension of the hyperspace must become congruent with the 3rd spacial Riemann dimension for the 'phenomena' to manifest.

This physics is wormhole physics only in its fundamentals; what you term wormholes opening up and closing is the dimensional intersection of the Kaluza-Klein 5D with the Minkowski 4D.

I know you are fond of parallel universes, but they are not necessary, should you consider the hyperspace intersecting the Minkowski space. One day Michio Kaku will change his mind on the parallel universe and multiverse scenario.

Multiverses are a physical reality, however they remain 'frozen' until the Minkowski metric naturally 'opens' up the 4-radius as described in the above.
Then all of the spacetime presently embedded in a 11-dimensional 'Strominger Matrix' of extremal Black Hole Equivalence; shall become 5-dimensional, with the 'opening of wormholes' as portals and conduits into outer space and 'higher dimensions' will be 'common place'.

The c-invariance will hold, however due to the 4-Radius and the volumar quantisation indicated above, the 'tyranny of the metric', will become infused by an 'easement of the de Broglie phasechanges' with 'Velocity' as the lightpath/time also becoming a scalefactor R(n) multiplied by frequency modulators {V=R(n)F}.

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