Welcome to The Wolves Den. Please take a few moments to introduce yourself.
I'm LadyMysticWolf. I am from Ohio. I love almost everything about wolves.
As you can more than likely tell, the wolf is my animal totem, and is my animal spirit guide.

I feel I don't only have a connection to wolves, but a kinship with them. Not saying I am one. I just want to throw that out there.
I do love the beauty of them as well.

Again, welcome to The Wolves Den, & thank you so much for joining the group.
I really hope you will enjoy this group.


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well as you can tell my name is wicked wolf, so if you know i love wolfs....im from wynnewood, ok
i started too love wolf since i first saw one ..XD
well i have nothing else too say...
Hi... I'm Athar, you can call me Nicci (pronounce like Nikki).
I'm from Winston Salem, NC, but I moved recently to Greensboro. My totem is a wolf. I've had two wolf guardians come to me. I feel a very strong kinship to them and I see alot of wolf in my self and how I act.
Merry Meet, I am Autumn Illusion. The wolf is one of my totem animals as well. I also have a deep kinship with the wolf and have had them as companions and pets when I lived in Montana. I have a deep love and respect for them.
Blessed Be!
Howls! I am Goldenwolf, from Boulder, CO. I am a wolf fanatic (small obsession anyone?), a wolf artist, and a (dire) wolf therianthrope to boot! (if you don't know what that is, check out an article here) I am one of Wolf's children to be sure, mind, heart, and soul (I could wish body as well, but that just isn't possible).
Are you saying your a dire wolf therian? I've never met one. I have met and spoken with many wolf therians (myself being one), but never one connected that far back. How did you discover you were dire wolf?  Unfortunately your link came up as an Error 404 so I couldn't read it. You might want to try to repost it. Or possibly just send me the web address. I would be interested. Merry meet and may the wolves continue to howl!
*Looking into the mist of Soul I see a dark as night Timber staring back at me. She has been there all my life... watching... guiding... protecting.*
i am chris known as white wolf but to the coven cathall wolf.

the wolf is in us all,watch and learn and honor their many virtues.


blessed be
My name is Flora, I am sure I will love the group. One of my spirit animals is the Wolf. Happens to be very dominate. My passion for wolves has always been there. When I was younger we had a wolf named Nakita, she was beautiful. I have always been drawn to them, always will. Some day I hope to gain enough land for a reserve. These creatures are just amazing. I hope to get to know other wolf lovers.

Blessed Be
I love wolves, as far back as I can remember. Have always been fascinated by them. When I found out my totem was the wolf I finally knew why I loved them. My Grandfather had a wolf hybrid that became my instant friend when we met. I was lucky enough to spend a week at a wolf reserve in southern colorado a few years back, Wow, what an experience to be with a pack, greeting each other and getting kisses. Can't describe the feeling of it. Well, that's it for now.
well Hello all, I am Luna Rex. The wolf is my life. knowing that they are intune with nature, much like the bear, and are able the show what that means. i have always known wolf. wolf has always shown me the way.
I've had a few real-life experiences with both wild and *coff* so-described "tamed" full-blood wolves, and numerous hybrids, as well as a small pack of native wild coyotes (a den was somewhat near one of my childhood homes), and a few individual wild coyotes.

One could say I am drawn to them, but doesn't seem to quite fit, however true that might be.

I assume they are one of my pre-dominant totems, but then I seem to have an affinity for most mammal predators to some degree or another.

In any case, they've been around me in many forms in real life, that I just decided the universe was smacking me in the head trying to get me to notice they had some significance I wasn't noticing or being aware of, so I started paying a little more attention and that's sort of what launched me to start poking around to see if these ... experiences are meant to be messages, and if so, what they might be all about.
Hello I am Ancientwarrior67

I love wolves since, i feel they are part of my spirit they are the connection to my self being. I howl to the full moons naturally I call my fellow sister and brother wolves spirits when needing assistance in the spiritual world. Wolves are part of this universe it is up to us to protect them from the dangers they are facing now.

I believe The wolves are calling on us to combine our forces and hear their call to come back to mother earth and be at peace.



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