Welcome to The Wolves Den. Please take a few moments to introduce yourself.
I'm LadyMysticWolf. I am from Ohio. I love almost everything about wolves.
As you can more than likely tell, the wolf is my animal totem, and is my animal spirit guide.

I feel I don't only have a connection to wolves, but a kinship with them. Not saying I am one. I just want to throw that out there.
I do love the beauty of them as well.

Again, welcome to The Wolves Den, & thank you so much for joining the group.
I really hope you will enjoy this group.


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hi my name is crimson i live in alabama and i wouldnt change that. there is alot of woods and open area here so that i can run and have fun with friends. my world revolves around the two ppl in my life that matters most and thats my amazing girlfriend and her daughter. wolves have always played a role in my life and has alwys found their way to make everything underwstandable for me. in my dreams i become the wolf but in real life i follow the wolf. im very protective of the ones i love and would do anything for them. i hope that i can make some friends on here soon or at least get to know someone lol


  My name is Lynn or Silver Wolf Williams, I am from central Minnesota and Silver Wolf is my native name along with the wolf is my spirit animal.
  I am quite happy to belong to a group like this and look forward to getting to know others here. If you have any questions for me please feel free to ask away.
   Pleasant Journeys


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