When you look at the Wolf within or the spirit guide or totem as your side... what do you see. Is the wolf white as the snows... dark as the night... Timberwolf... Greywolf or even a Direwolf?

Personally A near solid black Timberwolf within me and a standard Timber walking with me as guide and friend. The Wolf within is a lone wolf... a shadow in the darkness as I have stated before.

What do you look like my family?

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When I dream of being a wolf I am a white wolf with grey tips around the ruff and tail. I have had a dream/ meditation about a great tree with a wolf watching me. I recently managed to meet him again, he looks much like a standard timber with lots of brownish colors.
My wolf is black as the night. She is my strength as well as my guide.

My wolf is Lakota he is a white wolf and lives in a secret world that leads from the foot of an oak tree deep down ,he comes when i call him and he stand with me in times of need.



the wolf inside me is black with just a hint of silver around her paws she is very strong and independant. she has helped me though more than i ever thought she would. when she is in the sunlight thought you can see the traces of red in her coat and her eyes are the coldest blue that i have ever laid eyes on. she can be very cold hearted when she wants to be and she can also be very loving. i have found out that you dont mess wtih the ones she calls family.


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