I like to "pretend" every meal is a potion or spell - well it's not pretend when you do that really - it really is. I'll add the ingrediants sometimes and give each one a purpose - like thyme for time well spent, or rosmary for love - it doesn't really matter if that is what the herb is normally used for, because it's all in the intention. Then stir it all with a charged hand. Or knead bread dough with charged hands and loving intentions.

I also like to do my regular cleaning as if I were doing a simple house cleansing. Sweep top to bottom, front to back and out the back door. Air the house out and burn some pleasing insence. I ask the wind to clear and cleanse the air.

I like to go outside sometimes and listen and try to get a feal for what the weather is to come. Listening to the wind. I'll hang wind chimes out side. I think the wind likes to play with them, and having them shows an apreciation to the wind, for letting me know the weather and being a messenger.

I don't do all these things all the time, but often enough, that I think it does make a differance. I know that the Mother listens to me, and doing things like this as often as possible - besides selebrating the Sabats - lets her know that I listen too, and that is important. It is especially important today, when so few of the many humans inhabiting Mother Earth actually listen to and apreciate her. I can't immagin what it would be like as a mother to be ignored so compleatly by my own children. Lol, I guess I'll find out when they become teenagers. Joking!
What does everyone else do regularly, magickly?

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what i do regularly is i make incense on almost a daily basis. Me and my other brothers have come up with a passion for incese making. It is a trial and error phase, but it is extremely rewarding when you get the recipe the way you want it. Another thing that we do is grow our own herbs. These are two magickal things that we do on a regular basis. Its fun, and we really enjoy it.

Blessed Be,
I've always wanted to grow my own herbs - I just don't really know what I'm doing with herbs yet. We have really poor soil in our yard - mostly sand and dust with some grass and dog poop on it. All I have seen it grow so far is trailor trash - literally. They demolished a trailor where it stood in what is now our yard, and I've been picking up broken glass an garbage since we got here a few weeks ago. Anyway - I will be trying to grow some peas along the fence this year and see if we get anything. It's been a while since I've kept plants my cats always killed them - but now I don't have any cats - so I can try.
I really want to grow honey suckle, lavender, and roses.
Well, my dog loves to pull up my plants as well. Since you do not have any animals now, My suggestion to you is grow them in small pots until they are begining to flower and then plant them outside. What i do is, i go to Wal Mart and buy one of those Jiffy greenhouses, with the little peat pellets. Plant your seeds in the greenhouse, follow the directions on the box, and you can have a veggie garden as well as a magickal garden in no time. That is just a suggestion. If you need any other answers or have any other questions, you can send me a message on this site, or you can email me at elder.orion@yahoo.com. Which ever you prefer. Blessed Be!!!

oh, that was the indoor plants the the cats always messed up. Now we have a dog thet digs - but we are putting garden boxes in the yard so he can't dig them up.
I used to have tons of potted plants as a teenager that I kept on my balcony. The cats I had then didn't eat my plants. But they were indoor outdoor cats. When I was in Kansas I had to keep my cats indoors - so they ate my plants - I couldn't keep even Alovera. But the memory of all the plants I had and how I enjoyed them makes me want more. I believe caring for plants is a lot of magick indeed.
I have gotten some of those peet pelets, but without the green house - I always seem to get moldy plants when I use the grean house thing. Thanks though. :D
the trick to the greenhouse, is when they start to sprout and get about an inch high, prop the greenhouse open until they flower. when they flower that is when you plant them into a pot. That should take care of the moldy plants. Also, you do not want to water them every day. I watered mine twice at 5 day intervals, and that is all i had to give them before i put them into the pots. It is all up to you though. I wish you the best with your plants, and may Mother Gaia bless them as they grow.

Blessed Be,
Now that it is Spring time I tend to my herb & flower garden in my green house everyday and every day it is a magical experience even if I just sit in my chair and listen to my water fountain, the birds outside and watch the flower buds on my plants. I also try to create one piece of art with magic & fairy blessings on my mind (that has become a routine of mine for the last 3 years).

I do like the idea of how you use your herbs in cooking as sort of a this is for that idea and will have to try the same as I use all my herbs from my garden in my cookings but have never thought of directing each for a purpose.

Very nice thread you started here and I am looking for ward to reading more from people.
I like to infuse some power in my cooking too.

In fact, I do it so often that I have to concentrate NOT to!

I have an atheist friend who didn't mind me making some ginger tea and cutting up some garlic for him to eat when he had a really awful cold last week. But he was very adamant- NO MAGIC! (of course... I think that if he really didn't believe in magic, he wouldn't have cared if I gave the tea a little oomph- but now I'm getting sassy)

I had a dilemma when I cut the mint for the tea. Do I thank and let the mint know the purpose of it being cut down? Is that magic? I decided that while I wouldn't be adding any of my energy into the pot- I should still honor those that do. So I thanked the mint for its sacrifice.

Anyway- he was amazingly better the next day- could have been the sleep, could have been the tea- probably both.


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