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This group is about being united. I would like to know about any times you have felt or seen discrimination and what was your response. Only if we talk about these things can we make them any better

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Comment by Saxsondragon95 on May 25, 2013 at 12:29pm

ill stand with others hi there

Comment by Freefire Cauldron on May 26, 2011 at 1:18pm
Comment by Tegwedd ShadowDancer on May 11, 2011 at 5:29pm
Sorry I've been gone so long.  Now we have a working computer in the house, and another one coming as well, I'll be able to post more often.  Call 1-888-611-7982, and go to http://abbottsinn.com/ or http://abbottsinninternational.com/.  or http://abbottsinn.ning.com
Comment by Tegwedd ShadowDancer on November 11, 2010 at 4:34pm
Hey all! Show solidarity with your fellow Pagans and read my new blog about all the new and exciting things in our neck of the woods. Call for a reading or a class!
Comment by Alexander on August 13, 2010 at 8:28pm
White Brotherhood? Bad, Very Bad
Comment by Elisabete on August 5, 2010 at 7:48pm
Alignment of the day 10/10/2010

Hello friends and students.

I was asked by the Masters of the galactic center and the Hierarchy of Masters Road From White Brotherhood and the temples and internal Agartha Samballa disclosure on an important spiritual and planetary alignment for the day October 10 of this year 2010.

As you know, I never made part of any chain posted on the Internet. This case is a request made to me by members of the Planetarium at various levels in the galactic council meeting between 22 and 28 June 2010. Since then I have looked down the most comprehensive data on how we make this kind of task that was required to pass to the students of Quantum Healing Star have been tuned over the past 12 years and who have the name of his mentor CQE, beyond activations performed in other courses.

We will have the participation of the Milky Way's stellar logos connected to each of the 49 federations and confederation Intergalactic, which makes this day different from the others.

The Earth will turn into a Merkaba radiation into outer space mesh Christed will be activated starting from the Threefold Flame of each one of you.

We will have two lines of work:

1 - People turned on by tuning into my classes in person.

2 - People who are not attuned to the power of Quantum Healing Star directly.

These two lines of work represents an important source of thought-form in three basic schedules in each country according to your time zone. We will have to act in any of these three schedules, or even three if we can keep in tune.

1 - At 6 am.

2 - At 12am.

3 - At 18hs afternoon.

These three represent three times frequency of alignment with the mesh Christ in tune with the planetary-ships merkaba Ashtar Command and the Order Goronandeck directly aligned with the purpose of Micah and of governmental Salvington, our Local Universe Nebadon.

The purpose of this task that I am heading and all of you, embodied and disembodied that have made the tuning and preparation of the transmigration of consciousness, which naturally occurs after awakening, is to request the direct intervention of chiefs and their teams of Micah

This intervention is just to block and interfere with the agreements reached and signed by the Order of the Black Dragon and the Illuminati to negative groups, and help in releasing the souls trapped in the technological threshold of the Fallen Angels who rebelled against the Divine Order and does not accept the agreements of Anhotak, Shtareer and Micah to the new vibrational pattern of the galaxy.

Each of you will help to anchor with his free will request the direct intervention of the high command without breaking the prime directive (non-interference in non-Confederate worlds such as Earth). We only pupils physically tuned to approximately 150 000 CQE souls attuned to the spiritual plane through you these last 12 years of travel and lectures.

The thought form of each of you will help to radiate a signal wave mental points for absorbing and retransmitting the wave amplified by the members of civilization intraterrena in line with the same frequency, thus creating a wave of approximately 235 million intraterrenos beings who no longer accept the way our society's unbalanced and corrupt rulers. This wave cryogenic automatically activates the bodies of thousands of other beings in orbits close to Earth and in parallel realities, allowing for this Galactic Council has called the official data to authorize intervention in all the parallel realities of the Earth and our own, helping to balance and activate the required frequency of the photon belt to awaken the rest of humanity. Each one will be activated and awakened as a mental condition which has gradually and will be identified.

The power of this wave in which we inserted the fingers allow the light of the archangels Michael, Raphael, Ezekiel, GABRIEL, Lemuel ARYEL, METRONYEL, METRATOM, Sandalphon, METATROM, Jophiel, KANIEL, RAMAEL, SHAMUNAEL, SANAEL, HYRANEL, GHADEL between some, the Council of 49 Archangels may have documents to authorize the placement of the fleets of light and activation of multidimensional bases of the Confederation and the Confederation of Supra portals for the quantum leap globe.

The commanders of the fleet will be attuned to the psychic wave of humanity from Earth's surface and also the focus of several civilizations,. If we get a line of thought-forms of at least 10% of planetary civilization will be officially allowing the intervention of the sons of Micah in the planetary process while helping all fingers thrones and crowns on the planet to sustain greater amplitude in its work by awakening of sick souls who have disconnected from his divinity.

Each continent has several temples and portals that will be open to make the connection with all started, avatars, masters and beings from other lines, but children of Light, no matter who follow the doctrine or belief, the temple will be open to all those who are children of Light, like me and you.

What will be our call these cycles on October 10, 2010:




These requests are sufficient for us to change much in the immediate direction of our planet and our civilization. I'm running this because it is a project which I have been told there are four years and represents the beginning of a sequence of activations that the planet and humanity receive periodically.

We will have another activation at the same frequency on November 11, 2011, with new activations, but initially will only pass the coordinates of which are very important because we have to tune in important places and temples in the geographical aspect of the planet.

I ask everyone to disclose this matter to be relayed in all possible languages and published on the Internet as soon as possible so we can mobilize the largest amount of people, even those without tuning and name of mentor CQE.

For those who never realized activations me know that the thought-form to help you in the amplification of this wave in the planetary spiritual along with the teams with which they are tuned. There is no reason for concern, resend this information and let your heart lead you to this line of love that we want to expand the planet.

GUIDELINES for Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shamans - those three times must activate your power animals and all the team spirit and work with the activation of the planetary core in the center of the psyche GAIA-Kumara. Only with that name you have already achieved in only three hours on Sunday and set to enable access to the global psyche. A big fire and invoking the spirit of the Earth will be achieved by shamans attuned to the Order of Fire Intraterreno only for this date.

UMBANDA - the priests who are attuned Caboclos crowned and other entities will be notified to perform a ritual to open portals and release EXUS primordial and anchoring of the Orishas Ancestry Earth to start a new line of radiation to the planet Earth. Most work will occur by pipeline and will be held in the state of incorporation.

CANDOMBLÉ priests or caretakers of Orisa is asked to support the transition to their thrones in the line of all the orishas to allow the passage of deities Ancestry Earth and the entire line of old Elihons Cyclops and the earth. Will be held mostly a consecration and pray settlements occur as the orientation for each custodian in the line of work each Ilê receive for this Sunday, in which all children will be tuned in that same focus and decree of thought form.

Kardec - all members willing to help carry out their prayers in these times and carry a tune with the memory and spirit of our beloved CHICO XAVIER, who ascended the plan is called KAIWAN. The energy of Ramat will attend the advising everyone to remain consistent and work with it. All churches and schools are attuned to the ethereal day to assist in the deployment of collective thought-form of the children that school spirit.

Hinduism - we call the anchoring of sutras by meditation and support for the deities of the Board of Vhisnu, Bhama, Krisna, where you can request this thought-form and amplify the gurus live with what you normally communicate as Babaji, Muctananda, Yogananda, Sai Baba Sali-Haj and others representing hierophants of Indian spirituality.

BUDDHISM - focusing the energy of your thought-form directed to the beloved teacher Siddhartha Gautama Buddha and all others, that help to amplify the energy of this request to the galactic center. For people who have contact with the beloved Dalai Lama to open the channel of synchronicity with all of Shambala Kumaras to support the passage of the avatars in the line of hermetic Rinpoche, activate the spirit of mud Noboru Tsogyal Rinpoche in the line of the ancient spiritual clinic Lasha and temples of the Himalayas.

AGNIOTRA to all practitioners of this technique in India, which is performed a ritual in which the vibrational field open to the Devas of the Earth and larger than the old DEVAS Elohim can express themselves and help balance the planet and the planetary consciousness.

CATOLICOS for any fan of Christian doctrine in the Catholic Church, to carry out the hours one Our Father and one Hail Mary and the three decrees to make the beloved Jesus Christ, to make manifest the wisdom of his angels on earth and in the conscience of mankind and the souls of Earth.

PROTESTANT - Evangelism - which all make their prayers and seeking the love and wisdom of God in the evolution of humanity and if possible three decrees of light described above.

HEBREWS - that all children whether in or outside synagogues to perform their prayers and ask for three decrees. Pray that peace resides in the heart of every Muslim and Jew, so that the final understanding between different ethnic groups is an immediate reality.

Muslim-Arab-Shia - ask the same, they make their prayers and request that love and peace reside in the heart of every member of his ethnicity, that might be possible for a reasonable understanding and peaceful situation with the Jews and the Gaza Strip , that rulers are touched by good sense, and if possible enacting the three applications listed in this chain.

Anthroposophy - all supporters of our beloved Rudolf Steiner, a chain is made with the Masters of the White Brotherhood, to expand this chain and its decrees for the greater good of humanity and the planet. Perform the rituals that you internally know and sustain energy for Sunday and take into their hearts the accumulated momentum of light in these domestic rituals.

Theosophy - to all students and fans of the secret doctrine of our beloved and unforgettable Helena P. Blavatsky, who hold their meetings and rituals connected internally to the Masters of the White Brotherhood to sustain this current project and your thought-form in the harmonization and global awakening of humanity.

UFOLATRAS - all those who believe in spaceships from other worlds and civilizations beyond Earth, who come together to design and enact peace and the awakening of humanity, pray also that the truth about the UFO issue and open disclosure by governments that lie is removed and we can have access to extraterrestrial brothers who live in hiding on Earth.

Atheists - those who do not have a definite belief in the religious aspect of contemporary institutions, based on the current state government, politics and economics of humanity and the demonstration of clear imbalance of global climate, which will join us in the sense of an irradiation desire: "THAT THE COMMON SENSE AND REALITY ARE PEACE ON EARTH, THAT THERE ANY MORE INTELLIGENCE IN THE UNIVERSE, she intercedes FOR THE BALANCE AND HARMONY OF THE PLANET AND HUMANITY".

ESOTERIC - all to help in spreading the current and that you can participate radiating this thought-form of world peace and requesting the presence of the brothers of light in our lives and the planet.

Exoteric - here my request to all who use the spirituality that now help propagate a chain for the well being of the world face the changes that are strong in the collective unconscious, 2012.

Rosa Cruz - to researchers and scholars, asking them to join in our current berthing masters of spirituality and to sustain this connection hierophants Light and peace on Earth. Within the hermetic principles that you study and practice and the Imperator who are supporting and ministering to the rituals that the spirituality of Light from ancient Egypt and Atlantis is requested to join this current.

FREEMASONRY - ask their members to join in the airtight connection of the masters of light that hold your stores and hermetic ritual, which in line with the founders of the movement of knowledge and the ancient spirits of the Knights Templar to join this proposal. All members in the Masters and the frequency of grade 25 to activate their commitments sealed with Truth and Justice, in support of irradiation to the settlements of stores and tight hierarchy with which they work with a focus on the spiritual brothers of this stream of light , allowing students and confrates below degree 25 can access the light of this new proposal planet.

People tuned BY RODRIGO ROMO - We all thrones and crowns than those commanders who have revealed to you in tune with the Threefold Flame. We will be holding a line of flow of all the 144 temples of christ planetary light mesh with more than 100 cities intraterrenas Earth with the bases of the Solar System and the Intergalactic Federation, and create a direct flow to the Confederation of Multidimensional and merkaba its derivations, starting from the parallel realities that each supports.

Mentor personal healing hold the necessary adjustment for each geographic sector that you are on Earth on Sunday.

All my students who are already connected to your mentor Quantum Healing Star should make the anchor before the projection of thought form and make the three decrees in tune with their bodies, creating merkaba protection and amplification taught in courses.

For those who are tuned into the power module spirometry Multidimensional Unfolding of the 72 bodies, should use the row merkaba Voronandeck Ayodesh and in tune with the energy of the mentor to expand directly in the center of the Earth-Agartha Shambala this request and retransmit it directly with Salvington merkaba ADOBYNON HARMONISED ARASHY of 17 and Up Grade to amplify the vector of your I Am the irradiation. These merkaba are inserted during the initiation module Ascension Melchizedek Method Voronandeck and therefore need not get in the books, they already exist in every one of you, for it was entered providing this and other statements that will be notified.


These temples and cities are attuned to this current and other tasks, there are more temples that can not be revealed, and others who did not capture yet, we have on average 144 temples, 2630 interdimensional portals and crevices, 621 cities connected with the etheric federations, 48 Masters temples scattered around the planet.

Here listed some of which have managed to receive or have access to the other subtle bodies.

BRAZIL - temples and specific bases for this Sunday.

Bar Heron intraterrenos centers linked to Shambala, and others.

Temples of the Golden Light in the Pantanal, the border with Bolivia.

Mirnajard, connected to the temple of Figueira, MG

Itatiaia, near the city etheric black needles, MG-RJ-SP.

Ilha Bela, submarine base Ashtar Command, Sao Paulo SP

Porto Walter, underground base Command Liriano, AM

Ipixuna, Temple Kumara Order of Osiris, AM

Alto Paraiso de Goias, Base of the Ashtar Command and the Swiss, GO

Chapada Diamantina, Atlantean Crystal Temple, BA

Sierra Caparaó, Temple of Fraternity Blue, ES

Boulder, Atibaia, Temple of Serapis Bey, SP

Bom Jesus, Temple Ramat-Kuthumi, RS

Serra do Navio, Temple Elohin Amazon, Amapá

Serra do Uruçuí, Temple Elohin Ismael, Piauí

Sierra's pipe, Temple, Order of 49, PA

Suriname - temples active during the years 2010 to connect.

Monte JulianaTop, Elohin temple of Vestal.

Pontoetoe, Temple and Base Command stellar Pleiades.

Monte Mitaraka, base of the Norse intaterrena Aldebaran and Alcyone.

FRENCH GUIANA to temples active until July to December 2010.

Mount or here, the basic command-Lira Vega, Altair.

Mount Saint Marcel, temple of the Lady Nada and Victoria.

GUYANA - Temple open for projection and continuous study.

Apoteri, etheric astral city of Paititi ascended.

VENEZUELA - temples open to person initiated into the Order of the White Brotherhood

Mount Roraima, Temple of the order of 22 rays, the border with Brazil and Guyana

Auyantepui Monte, Temple's beloved Coni Mendes and his disciples.

Monte Turagua, basic command of Alpha Sirius and Canopus.

Monte Yavi, base Command Ganimides and order of 7 planets.

Boca Macava, Temple and El Dorado Paititi Mu.

COLOMBIA - Temples assets permanently.

Monte Guasacavi, temple of Saint Germain and Portia.

Tomo, the base command and Acturus Altair 4.

Snow Hill, Access to the city of seven planets and Mitistlan.

Puracé Volcano, entrance to the base of Meru intraterrena Akathan

Monte coumaric, Temple Oromasis and Harmony.

Nevado de Huila, Temple Yasamil Ancestors and Orisha of the Earth.

Maine Hanare Monte, Temple of Gaia Lemurian and Atlantis.

ECUADOR - temples assets to the disciples of the internal spheres.

Vuca Cayambe, Temple City and Intraterrena Gaia-Kumara

Chimborazo volcano, Access Intraterreno of the Andes

Tigris River city of etheric Rosa Mistica Cross of Malta.

Puná Island City, intra-oceanic Lemursky.

PERU - Temples active since 1983.

Cordillera del Condor with Borja, Temple of Dawn and Ishmael.

Serra de Maranon, Lemurian Temple of Ascension.

Nevado Huscaran, Temple Irradiation Helios and Vesta.

Cerro Pumasillo, Temple of the Goddess Venus Orejón.

Nevado de Auzangate, Temple and portal Venuziano of Sanat Kumara.

Nevado Ampato, Portal Azun Kurama Sirius Alpha.

Lake Titicaca, Temple of the Lord Meru and Karmic Board, Ray Female.

Cerro Palomani, Temple of Goddess Meru and Council of Orisha Cyclopes and Ancestry

Misti volcano, Base Command of Canopus and Avior.

Volcano Tacori, access to Mitistlan and Erks.

Coropuna, Portal temporal multidimensional Earth Agartha.

Nasca, and network access Mitstlan Intraterrena South America

BOLIVIA - Temples and Portals available in projection.

Lake Rogaguado, Base and the temple of God and Goddess Meru Meru.

Nevado Illampu, Temple of the Lord and Master Moryal Sirius.

Nevado Sajama, Base Command of the Federation of Alcione

Salar de Yuni, Kopal etheric temple of Surya and Master Avalon.

Cerro Caltama, Base and access to intraterreno Zaratrustha and Yncalumari.

Salar de Coipasa, Base Reptilian occupied by SGS in 1972, linked to Agartha.

Mandioré pond, temple of the golden light of Oromasis, border with Brazil.

CHILE - Temples active psychic projection

Guallatiri volcano, temple of the Master Sun Voltica Parco, intraterrena basis.

Pica, city and etheric Lemurian Veganiana, temporal portal.

Coscaya, Federated Reticullis basic genetic research and cryogenic.

Volcano Isluga, Temple of the Lord Muha-Meru.

Salar de Surire, Temple and Voronandeck Goronandeck.

Salar de Ascotan, Temple of the three powers of the Archangel Michael.

Licancabur volcano, the Solar Temple Disc MU.

Volcano Pili, City of Etheric Allalpu period of Hyperborea.

Salar de Atacama, access to Shamballa.

Volcano Copiapo, Temple of the brotherhood of Draconian Thuban.

Ojos del Salado volcano, Portale temple of the Order of Mlechizedeck.

Tupungato volcano, Temple of the order and Lanonadeck Merath.

Cerro El Plomo, Temple of the Lords of Karma.

Volcano Tronador, Temple of the Sun and Moon, the spiritual plane of Araucanian.

Osorno Volcano, solar connection to the Temple Mount Fuji in Japan

Isla de Chiloe, Fraternity Frensh healing (disabled by the CIA)

Monte Caca, mixed basis Zeta Gray, Laurin negotiating with Ashtar.

Author: Rodrigo Romo
translated by Elisabete Pinho
Comment by Tegwedd ShadowDancer on July 16, 2010 at 3:45pm
We have to unite. To be so factionalized and suspicious of each other does our enemies' work for them. Make no mistake: we do have enemies. I'm not saying that all Christians want us gone but certainly many of them do because we show their teachings for the lies they really are.
Comment by Felia de Luna on July 12, 2010 at 12:13pm
MM everyone!
Comment by Greywolf on March 7, 2010 at 2:01pm
The New Pagans

For many, Paganism conjures mysterious, primitive, and anti-Christian images. But at an introductory pagan course in Seattle, it fits into the 21st century lifestyle of more and more Americans.
http://cosmicacres.com/ A Magical Community of Knowledge
Pagan chanting sounds like something from an ancient, exotic ritual, perhaps for sacrificing an animal, a virgin, or the like. Actually, it is "Ceremonial Magick," intoned in Greek by a young, bearded man with his long, dark hair tied back. "Hello, I'm Robert," he said, "and I'm a former pastor of Our Lady Of The Earth And Sky here in Seattle, and we're teaching a class today called Skiing the Magical Bunny Slopes, which is an introductory course on Magick, Wicca and Neo-Paganism.

In the small, carpeted basement of a New Age bookstore, Robert and two female instructors are circled by a dozen young Seattlites, mostly white women, who are curious to learn about becoming Pagans.

Paganism refers to the ancient religions of indigenous Peoples, from Indian Shamanism to Celtic Druidry, in which multiple gods personify nature. Pagans believe that human life closely connects with the environment, and they emulate natural cycles through rituals of chants, dances, and symbols of nature.

Twenty-year-old Pleni Speenya is one of the few male students in the paganism class. His path to Paganism began like many of his classmates' he doubted the Christian faith in which he was raised, and so began exploring other religions for answers.

The answers came to him in a late-night discussion with a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, and a Pagan. "I was listening to their different conversations and stuff," he said, "and I noticed that the Pagan tended to touch upon a lot of the things that I found disagreeable with Christianity, and he started to put answers to it that I agreed with, answers that I was like, yeah, you know, I mean, I previously believed these things, but I wouldn't say that because it was against Christianity and I was supposed to be a good Christian and so of course I'd have to hush-hush about that kind of stuff, you know. Everything just started fitting into place, and it was like I found something I had been looking for this whole time."

Pleni Speenya and his classmates find something in Paganism that they haven't been able to get from their parents' churches. But the religions they're shying away from actually share roots in the faith they now seek.

Ted Fortier is an anthropology professor at Seattle University. He said, "Mainstream religions are built on pagan concepts - the estrus cycle, the Easter cycle itself, the renewal of the earth, the ideal of what dies rises again to new life and that humans have some kind of agency in this. The pagan roots, the earth roots, are very ripe and important in contemporary Christianity and contemporary Buddhism, all the great religions."

Paganism and mainstream religions have other things in common, including denominations. One such pagan denomination is called Wicca. Professor said, "It's a very simplified paganism. Wiccans usually are associated with gardeners, and it certainly has a lot to do with environmental consciousness and raising the role of women up in the world as well. Wiccan religion looks at the goddess as being the important deity."

Saying something like "Goddess bless" may sound peculiar at first. But in Wicca and Paganism in general, female as well as male deities are revered. Some men may find this aspect uninviting, but Pagan church organizers, such as Libya Vogt, promote their faith to men and women equally. She said, "I think it does attract men. I think it attracts men who are comfortable in their masculinity. I think that traditionally a lot of Western religions have been very male-focused. Maybe something that our faith allows is, it encourages a connection with the feminine."

It is difficult to determine how many Pagans there are in the United States. Many keep this religious association private to avoid prejudice. People often assume Pagans are evil and dangerous, associating them with secret societies and Satanism. But Professor Fortier says Pagans are ordinary people. He said, "It could be the grocer, it could be the banker. They come from all walks of life. I know many practicing Catholics, for instance, and other denominations who regularly celebrate the phases of the moon in Wiccan ceremonies or Pagan-type ceremonies."

The class ends with a benediction, and the dozen students have taken a step closer to becoming pagans. As one of the world's oldest and fastest growing religions, Paganism, it seems, still speaks to those searching for something to believe in.


Comment by Cindy The Green Lady on January 24, 2010 at 10:20am
I've been lucky as far as discrimination here. It took the people of this town a while to really see the real me...but it worked out well after 12 years.

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