I did not grow up in a close-knit-family with religious traditions. I have been searching and learning different things from different philosophies and religious perspectives but none have grasp my full attention. Until I came across a book that had information about the Lwa/Loa and I have been hooked on African mythologies and traditions. I know I’m looking for someone who is adapt in the Haitian Vodou or West African Voodoo to help me better understand. I had spoke with Mambo Odette on youtube she advised me to have a reading done, I was wondering wich of these do you suggest or are these methods not even accurate?  "One can get a reading with the cards, a candle and water reading, or get the Houngan/Mambo to call a lwa. While the other two can be done long distance, to call a lwa it is best if the person is present." Is there someone on this site that would be willing to help educate me. I don't mind reading on the internet or suggested books, but I'm just not sure were to start the research. I don't want to be influenced by the wrong resources so please if you are not truly in the Haitian Vodou, or West African voodoo religion please don't suggest a book or reading material.

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I’m correctly living in Belton Missouri. I see, but is it possible for someone to commune with a/the Lwa before having a reading? I will check out the book and thank you for sharing that information.

Sigh... Voodoospace is another one that got taken over by that "Mambo Racine" fraud... not worth the time anymore. Lady cant keep her initiates, they leave her in droves (and I cant blame them, with the amount of abuse she heaps on people.) Better to just avoid anything she touches.

There's tons of us on facebook, too.... the vodou community is huge, and pretty vocal, too (I aloso know a few people in MO; not sure if they're in your immediate local area but I can at least help put y'all in touch.;)

Look me up... Im the only 'Bozanfe Bon Oungan' on there.  

bookwise, start with Mama Lola, by Karen McCarthy Brown; its a biography of a priestess in new york, and an incredible book. I *always* recommend this one first.

The Divine Horsemen, by Maya Deren, is also a special book, and one I recommend reading after Mama Lola.

Those two arent that expensive as paperbacks, but the next one I recommend inter library loaning.... it can be 50-175$ to get a new copy as its out of print, so trust me on the interlibrary loan. Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou, by Cosentino (its a fully fleshed out, full color, history and catalog of a breathtaking museum exhibit speciallising in haitian vodou folk art.... I cant overstate how important this book is ;) 

Oh thank you for sharing that information!

I’m on facebook as well and will look you up. 

Anyone you know near Minneapolis or St. Paul MN? I am considering getting a reading, and want to make sure whomever does it is legit.


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